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People use a standardized language of communication in academic or professional settings. That is, they used words, tone, and style that were suitable for the formality of the setting. People communicating with their peers in the formal style of writing can use an official email, a journal, or information summaries. A structured email can be preferred over a report or an article description, or vice versa, depending on the situation. On the published paper on anti-abortion law amendments in North Ireland, there is a report, an article summary, and an official email to colleagues in healthcare. While all can be used to communicate to the healthcare professionals, their suitability and preference vary.


Report: Anti-Abortion Report Challenging Law Reforms in North Ireland

An online publication by an Irish correspondent Henry McDonald, “Anti-abortion report challenges law reform in Northern Ireland,” reports on the debacle around proposed reforms to the 1967 Abortion Act. The Act instills a near-total ban on abortion in the country except in situations posing a threat to the mother’s life. A high court judge in 2015 ruled that the outright ban on abortion in the state is a breach of the human rights of women and girls, including the rape victims; a ruling still challenged by the John Larkin, the province’s attorney general. Recently, the former Justice Minister, David Ford, has been pushing for reform to the Act and seeks to resubmit a bill to liberalize the near-total ban on abortion to accommodate cases of fatal foetal abnormalities and where the pregnancy is doomed.

However, anti-abortion campaigners in the North Ireland are against the idea, claiming that the 1967 Abortion Act is responsible for the birth and existence of 100, 000 people in the country. A report by Dawn McAvoy “Black Lives Matter” sought to champion against the reform saying that the issue of abortion is polarized by those concerned with the welfare of the unborn child against those concerned with the women rights, while in essence, both lives matter. These arguments are supported by, among others, Esmond Birnie, a former adviser to Nobel Prize winner David Trimble, and Lay O’Loan the former North Ireland’s police ombudsman, who think that Both Lives Matter is a perfect response to the protection of the child and that of the mother.

In conclusion, the legal battle on the 1967 Abortion act continues and is set to affect the healthcare provision, especially on maternal health. With over an estimated 800 women traveling to Europe to terminate their pregnancies in 2013, the issue of abortion in North Ireland needs an immediate address

Formal Email

To Whom It May Concern,

I came across a publication by an Irish correspondent Henry McDonald, “Anti-abortion report challenges law reform in Northern Ireland,” that touches on the recent debate on abortion laws in North Ireland. According to the publication, the discussion on whether there 1967 Abortion Act should undergo a reform or not has been pitted against those on Both Lives matter (opponents) and those pushing for reforms (David Ford).

McDonald reports that David Ford is seeking to push for the reforms to the Act to have it accommodate cases of fatal foetal abnormalities and where the pregnancy is doomed. Supporting a Belfast judge’s decision in 2015 that termed the Act as a violation of the women and girls human rights, David Ford vows to fight for the reforms if re-elected for the MLA position.

However, Ford faces opposition in his quest for the reforms to the Act. Dawn McAvoy of Both Lives Matter and several campaign groups reinstate that were it not for the 1967 Abortion Act, the 100, 000 people alive today would not have been born. The group has won the support of, among others, Lady O’Loan (former David Trimble advisor) and Esmond Birnie (former police ombudsman).

While the two groups push for their respective agenda, the issue needs to be resolved soon as it affects the lives of many women and girls in the country. In addition to that, the argument will most likely affect how the healthcare professionals in general, especially on the maternal health care provision.

Kind Regards,

Dr John Doe,

Health Care Executive.

Summary of the Article

The article by Henry McDonald, “Anti-abortion report challenges law reform in Northern Ireland,” reports on the current debate surrounding the reforms to the 1967 Abortion Act - an act that instills a near-total ban on abortion in North Ireland. The article articulates on the argument between the opponents and supporters of the reform that seeks to amend the Abortion Act’s near-total ban on abortion in North Ireland. Among those pushing for the reforms, David Ford vows to push for the change to the Act accommodate cases of fatal foetal abnormalities and where the pregnancy is doomed. However, the anti-abortion groups are against the reform arguing that were it not for the 1967 Abortion Act, the 100,000 people born in North Ireland would not have existed. Moreover, Dawn McAvoy of the Both Lives Matter explains that the debate those pro-abortion and those against it are based on whether the concerns of the unborn child or the mother’s welfare when, in reality, both lives matter. McDonald comments that at least 1,000 women and girls in the country travel to Britain to terminate the pregnancies due to the near-total ban on abortion in the country. The only law touching on abortion, according to the author, is the Offences against the Persons Act 1861 that contains a life sentence for those terminating pregnancies even in cases of rape or incest. While the proponent and the opponents of the reforms argue against each other, the battle is set to continue on the streets and in Parliament.


In formal writing the delivery of the correct and precise message is essential. Using the email, the report and the summaries as examples, it is clear that style requires an on-point articulation and communication. The email may be fast in delivering the information but fails to give the proper insight on the subject. In the same way, while a summary provides the overview on the issue, it fails on the articulation and delivery of the message to the intended audience. In this case, a detailed report is the best purpose. Not only does it provide the necessary details of the article, but it also gives the insight on the issues, the supports, and statistics that help drive the point to the healthcare professionals.

September 11, 2021

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