Freedom to Choose and Decide

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As Uchida and Ogihara have revealed, much of the personal decisions we make also impact people in society, either negatively or positively (358). This is because human beings will still have different views about many of the problems that take place in their world. Every human being has the right and the freedom to make conscious decisions irrespective of the opinions of others, and some of these rights are enshrined in the Constitution. However, most people have been judged and dismissed by society for most of their choices, owing to unnecessary group assumptions. As a result, most people are unable to express themselves and live their lives for fear of punishment. It's the Imp Consequently, most people are afraid to express themselves and live their lives for fear of judgment. It is important to respect every individual’s choices since they have the right and freedom to make decisions and decide how to live their lives.

It is human nature to have an opinion on any given matter since people can consciously analyze and make a decision on any subject presented to them. The human brain can evaluate every factor that takes place in an individual’s surrounding and equally formulate opinions on the same (Jung, Mead, Carrasco and Flores 7). The singularity of every person and their brain ensures that there is a diversity of opinions since everyone reasons and makes decisions for themselves on matters without necessarily having others influence their decisions. Therefore, it is essential to understand that in most cases different individuals will have divergent perspectives concerning a particular subject since their brain capabilities influence the thoughts of these persons. Thus, it is unfair to assume that what one perceives in one way should have unanimity, since others similarly have an opinion on the subject that may be in contradiction with ours.

Due to the differences in views in the society, it is wrong to criticize others for their choices and decision-making as long as it conforms to the desirable moral code. Most individuals spend most of their time judging others and their decisions since they do not agree with our beliefs and perceptions in the context of the society. Adrian Rodriguez experiences such judgment for his tattoos and body piercing when a customer he is attending to asks disgustingly, "What are you going to do when you're older? Didn't you think of that?" while full of disgust ( 263). These are some of the judgmental opinions targeted towards those perceived to be different, and those with opposing decisions to the normal in the society. It is these opinions that create fear since some actions receive criticism while others accepted, which affects how people live in the community.

Factions such as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) equally receive similar judgments and rejection by the society, which makes most of these marginalized groups live in fear in the society. Rodriguez claims that he knew what he got himself into and that his choice to have a tattoo was a decision he knew would affect him the rest of his life. The client he serves never asked for his opinion before making their assumptions, which is morally inappropriate since Rodriguez was aware of the implications of his actions. This excerpt by Rodriguez should be a revelation for every person in the society who does not take their time to respect other people’s choices. Also, those marginalized by judgment and criticism for their decisions should be exposed to the views of Rodriguez.

In conclusion, every person can reason on their own and make decisions for themselves without consulting others, as long as those choices fall within the correct morals accepted in the society. It is unfair to judge others for being different or criticizing them for having different opinions to ours. Every individual has the right and freedom to make their own decisions, which the others in the society may not agree with, but need to respect. The society exists for everyone, and its beauty is the different perspectives that everyone has and shares with the world.

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October 13, 2022

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