Friendship and Friends

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This scene is specially interesting as it displays openness in friendship. The ability of pals to be really open to one other and pour out their feelings to every other is quite elaborate in this scene. Teasing which is additionally a common trait between very close friends makes this scene pretty interesting. As much as one of the friends is not overly thrilled by the teasing, Dennis reminds him that their entire life as buddies they have always had this aspect between them and it’s not sure to change.
The language used by the two friends; Dennis and Warren captures the reader’s eye. Dennis uses a mix of slang and rudeness to speak to Warren who is not at all pleased by that, but at the end of their conversation the reader understands that Warren’s issue is not only based on how Dennis speaks to him but has its origin on other issues. Warren wants Dennis to explain how he is always rude to him and why he always have to discourage him whenever he makes a move to any girl by either talking ill about the girl or talking ill about Warren to the girl (Lonergan, 2014, p. 65).

This scene can be staged in Dennis’s room, with the two boys sitting on a shoddily made bed. The room is well lit with wall hangings and photographs on the wall, a small bedside table with magazines on top, a basketball ball, and a television set. The two friends are sitting next to each other and Dennis is on the right side while Warren is on the left side. Warren has his shoes on whereas Dennis is bare foot. Warren came with a back pack and it is lying on the floor.

This moment portrays an argument between friends. Dennis is not happy that Warren spilled over drugs and calls Warren all sorts of names. He is quick to emphasize that he has been doing drugs for long enough and he has never spilled even a drop. Warren is agitated by Dennis words and is convinced that he is not on his side. Dennis tries to defend his statements but Warren is not buying any of them as this is not the first time Dennis has been in his case.

This conversation between Dennis and Warren is significant as it shows and explains the relationship between these two friends. One of the friends; Warren is insecure and he feels that his friend is not on his side. Dennis on the other hand is seen as that friend who is controlling and abusive. He is on warren’s case just because he spilled over drugs on the floor and accused him of selling his toy box at a cheap price (Lonergan, 2014, p. 65). As a close friend, Dennis should not insult the friend; rather he should correct his friend in a polite manner.

The stage visuals where we see Warren in Dennis’s room act as a connector of the previous act where Warren ran away from home and is being hosted by Dennis. The two friends had to sell of the toy box; mentioned in this dialogue in order to raise money they need. This scene in particular advances the plot which is dialogue that occurs off the stage rather than action.


Lonergan, K. (2014). This is our youth.

July 24, 2021

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