Game of Thrones Review

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If you haven't yet seen Game of Thrones, you're not alone. This highly-anticipated TV show was met with mixed reviews when it first aired. By the end of its first season, it was a bona fide hit, but it would take several seasons to reach its true status as a cultural phenomenon. But don't let the mixed reviews deter you. In this Game of Thrones review, you'll learn why.

Game of Thrones is a non-canon setting

Although the TV series draws heavily from Martin's books, Game of Thrones is a non-cannon setting. The series' omniscient narrator and camera make it impossible for the show to be a true adaptation of the novels. It also removes many of the ambiguities that would be present in the books, such as Night's King. For book readers, it is unclear whether or not this character exists. In addition, fans of the show aren't certain whether or not Theon is actually the Night's King, and there are many other scenes that make it hard to distinguish between fact and fiction.

In the books, Game of Thrones depicts three continents. It may also include a fourth continent. Though Game of Thrones never visits Sothoryos, fans will judge his treatment of the fictional Tyrion against the one in Martin's books. Because the books are based on events in Martin's novels, a new storyline is likely to emerge once the show ends season five.

The game has a lot of content that is not officially part of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Its name is mysterious, and no information has been sourced from Martin himself. It even has a history of its own, including the "War of the Ninepenny Kings."

Its storyline is a maze

The Game of Thrones storyline is like a maze, but it's actually a metaphor. Originally, the Maze was created by Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins), a long-dead colleague, to test the hosts' sentience. The Maze is actually a metaphor, as it is not a physical maze, but rather a way for people to test their sentience.

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