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The Gebusi and Human Adaptations

The article Adaptive Failure: Easter’s End by means of Jared Diamond is relevant to the modern world. The humans of Easter Island were responsible for their loss of life through various ways. The locals have been also responsible for the extinction of most of their plants or rather vegetation. The area protected under forest is being devoured slowly via different individuals currently. Amazon for instance which is responsible for producing much of the oxygen humans breathe worldwide is under chance as loggers continue to cut down trees. The demand for indigenous challenging wood tress has led to deforestation in many parts of the world. What came about in Easter Island is taking place currently and few human beings are standing against these vices. If people can't control the amount of tress they fell down each year, it is probable that a large portion of the vegetation will be extinct by 2050.

One of the ways in which the Gebusi people live off the rainforest is using the immediate vegetation to build their houses. Foliage from sago palms are stripped and used to build houses. The houses are dependable even under 14 feet of rainfall each year and a temperature that often reach 100 degrees some time. The rainforest also feeds the Gebusi people. The rivers provide fish for the community. The Gebusi people can also forage for bananas in the forest. Young girls can forage for fresh bamboo shoots as well as eggs from wild bush hens. The forest also provides snake ad rats that can be clobbered or knifed. One of the subsistent strategies for the Gebusi people is moving from one place to the other. When they feel threatened, they move out at night. The forest helps to survive even under very difficult situations.

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April 28, 2021


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