Gender Abuse

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As stated by Joe and Gachupin, women in society have faced the obstacles of gender abuse perpetrated on them by their male counterparts (154). The problem of women's violence is mostly the product of male gender injuries and emotional torment. Over time there has been a steady increase in confirmed cases through ongoing intermediary interventions. While a substantial percentage of cases are known and documented, a significant number of cases remain unreported and most victims suffer abuse and, in some worst cases, their lives are lost. Several studies have shown that a large number of men are the perpetrators of violence towards the women, with an upward of 80% of the reported cases of assault, rape, murder, stalking and domestic violence being committed to the women by men (Youtube-Tough Guise). However, it is not to say that women do not abuse women and also that women do not abuse men. It has also been reported that there are cases of gender abuse whereby the men are the victims and the women the abusers (Itzin, Taket and Barter-Godfrey). Women suffer significantly due to the injustices that are caused by the men due to the common dogma of superiority attached to the male species.

Alluding to the material of study, that is the book Threshold Concepts in Women’s and Gender Studies and the film Tough Guise, the commonality that can be noted is the abuse of women that is aggravated by the male gender. According to Hines, Malley-Morrison and Dutton the violence that encompasses the abuse of women is because of the belief systems of the society that portrays the men as superior beings to the women. This notion is further driven by arguments that men do most of the heavy duty work and take up the difficult roles in the society. Genetically men are built muscular than their female counterparts in most cases, however that should be in no way a form of advantage that makes one gender powerful over the other as the intellectual and belief of every person is the guiding principal as to what they can accomplish. Additionally, in recent times the shift has been immense in terms of what both men and women can do with the acceptable perception that what a man can do, so can a woman.

The push for equity and equality as highlighted in the Sustainable development goals, provides a platform for the resolutions of gender abuse that are a detriment to the society at large. Arguments based on superiority complex revolving around women and men should be done away with for ensuring that the society progresses. Every individual has his or her own unique abilities and talents that they can put to use rather than dwell on comparisons of which gender has the best of skill (Launius and Hassel). Fair treatment of every human being adds to the growth of the community and ensures that the upcoming generation is molded in the right direction and fosters morality in the society. Both genders can coexist with room to complement each other, which is a fulfillment for humanity and sets a blue print for the upcoming generations.

In conclusion, women have suffered the most concerning gender abuse, with most of the cases involved being orchestrated by men. The issue at hand of gender abuse is mainly as a result of the superiority complex associated with the male species, which leads the men to believe in having dominance over the women. The creation of awareness and presenting women with mechanisms to speak out against gender abuse has been a step in the right direction towards curbing the injustice(Launius and Hassel). Women empowerment has also given women equal opportunities to be judged based on their talents, skills and abilities, regardless of their gender. For it is paramount to understand; what a man can do, a woman can do.

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Tough Guise- Youtube:

July 24, 2021

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