Gender and humor

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The main goal of this article is to write a research paper on humor and gender. It is important to remember that the term Humor is often written as Comedy, and it refers to the propensity to use cognitive experiences to evoke enjoyment and laughter. Gender, on the other hand, corresponds to the state of being either male or female. Essentially, this condition is distinguished by a series of features that aid in classifying one as feminine or masculine. In order to finish this paper; there is a need to read a book that is based on comedy or watch a video on YouTube, identify the parts are funny and why they are funny.

Secondly, there is a need to identify whether the comedian or the humorous writer violates taboo, uses irony, slapstick, slang or any other different approach to capture their audience and make them laugh. The essay will also give a close analysis on whether the comedian combines mundane and the sacred in unusual ways. It also seeks to explain and identify some of the language choices that make a particular line or sentence funny. Lastly, this essay will provide background information about gender and humor.


Generally; comedy refers to a professional form of entertainment that consists of making sketches and jokes that are intended to make a gathering or an audience laugh. In order to complete on this paper about gender and humor, there is a need to relate a video on You Tube. The video is titled “Mark Angel Episode 133”. Basically, this comedy video was shot and directed in Nigeria. The main characters in the video are Mark Angel and Denilson. After viewing the comedy, there are several parts that were found to be funny.

The first scene that is funny is that Denilson is presented to be wearing clothes that are tattered. In reference to the film, Denilson is seen wearing a tattered jeans and T – shirt ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). He believes that this is the latest fashion in the streets. Denilson is obsessed with the fashion to the point he nicknames his style as “Kanye”. The second scene that is funny is when Denilson meets a troop of mad men who are matching. This men are followed up closely by their medics and at least two police officers. The funny part comes in that the mad men are dancing a very strange manner ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). They seem to be dancing their bodies in all kind of ways just to entertain the audience.

The third scene/funny part is when the medics and the police officers accompanying the mad men ask Denilson to join the troop of mad men and start dancing. The main reason behind their decision is because they believe Denilson is a mad man since he was wearing clothes that were tattered all over ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). As we all know, Denilson is not mad. He was just trying a new sense of fashion. In this case, as much as Denilson tried to plea that he was straight and did not deserve to be in the convoy of mad men, the medics and police men could not hear him.

The fourth scene that brings out humor is when Mark Angel visits Denilson after he has been admitted at the Psychiatric hospital. In reference to this scene, Mark Angel seems to comfort Denilson telling him that everything will be okay in the end ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). The funny part is that both Mark Angel and Denilson know the truth. There is also a funny scene when Denilson reacts negatively towards Mark Angel after telling him that everything was going to go back to normal. The last scene of the comedy reflects on Denilson’s ending. He is portrayed as a real mad man ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). This is after he had been subjected to drugs and dosages that are meant for made people. The funny part is that he is seen hallucinating and mentioning the words Kanye.

Generally, when we look at the whole video, it is safe to state the fact that the Comedian violates the taboos by wearing tattered clothes. Based on the African traditions and cultures, Africans are supposed to wear clothes that are decent. It is a taboo to wear clothes that are not decent among most African people since they are very conservative ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). By Denilson wearing tattered clothes he violates the set taboos. Irony is also present in the film. Basically, irony refers to the expression of a meaning using a form of language that expresses the opposite if what it really means. In this case there is dramatic irony when Denilson is accused of being mad and forced by the medics and the police officers to join the troop of mad men.

There is also situational irony when Denilson thinks that Mark Angel will save him from the situation he had involved himself in. Contrary, his friend goes ahead to state that Denilson is mad man who has been using drugs ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). Mark Angel reports to the medics that the main reason why Denilson had turned out to be mad is due to his constant abuse of drugs such as cannabis sativa which is popularly known as bhang. This helps out to bring a sense of humor that contributes in entertaining the audience. There is also the use of slang. Most people refer to slang as a language that consists of phrases or words that are informal. Comedian Denilson uses slang when he tries to tell his friends about the new style in town. In reference to the video, he is seen saying the words “Kanye Baby” ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). Generally, in most Countries, the word “baby” is informal and is regarded out of the formal context use of words. Humor comes in when he pronounces the word ‘Baby’.

Not to forget, comedians Mark Angel and Denilson use facial expressions and background music in form of laughter to capture the heart of his audience. There is a manner through which they use their facial expressions to drive sense and humor to their viewers. Basically, comedy is a form of art that requires the use of body movements and facial expressions, without the use of such elements, it is difficult to entertain your audience. In reference to the video, comedians Mark Angel and Denilson do seem to apply the concepts/combine the concepts of mundane and the sacred in unusual ways. Generally, in reference to the film, it is safe to state the fact that the main reason as to why almost every part is funny is because of the accent that the comedians use ("KANYE WEST STYLE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 133)", 2017). Their choices of words are also distinct and can be differentiated quite easily from other comedians.

Today the World is a very diverse place to live in. People are making ends to meet by practicing all forms of business. Humor is part of this too. The background of humor goes a long way back in the history of mankind and has evolved to what it is today. In the past humor was passed by telling stories. Today humor is passed by comedians through organizing events, uploading funny videos on social sites or performing stand up comedies ("Humor | Psychology Today", 2017). It is also important to note the fact that it has been proven by psychologists that humor is important in that it boosts one health.

Based on different researches, it has been proven that humor is important in that it helps to fight depression and stress. Humor has also been used by many people to entertain children ("Humor | Psychology Today", 2017). As we all know, children are very playful people who like being entertained. They love humor. Most therapists would recommend the use of humor to people who are emotionally down or are facing some kind of challenges. In conclusion, it is safe to state the fact that humor plays a major role in our life ("Humor | Psychology Today", 2017). It helps most people feel relieved and become relaxed in case they are stressed out. Without humor, it is safe to state the fact that the World would have been a boring place to live in.

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