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In today's world, watching movies is a really common way to unwind. Many people love going to the theater to immerse themselves in modern make-believe theatrical experiences. Others will do the same from the convenience of their own houses. Hollywood's film industry has developed to become one of the most important in the country. Film actors and TV characters are among the most admired and 'best-looking' celebrities in today's world. The tradition of filmmaking is certainly longer than any people realize. The first film was made in 1896. There was no sound, just motion pictures. Movies became a common medium of entertainment later on. The likes of Charlie Chaplin made their work created in the dawn of the film industry. About two decades later after the discovery of cinema, sound was incorporated into pictures. The industry has grown from movies being presented entirely on reel in cinemas, to usable-at-home video tapes, DVDs, solid storage, to internet movies. A huge chunk of the populace, especially in developed countries consume movies through internet streaming providers such as Netflix and Hulu on their smart TVs and other Internet-enabled smart devices and computers. Movie cinemas continue to be relevant, with inventions such as 3D film technology by corporates such as IMAX which provide nearly realistic cinema experiences comprising 3D images and premium sounds.

Movies provide people entertainment and a chance for one to live outside their reality. That depends on the genres they choose. Movies have the characteristic of engrossing viewers into their setting. Some people go to watch movies to escape their dull realities in the real world. Most people have genres they prefer more to others. The various types of movies include comedy, action, drama, and horror films. Not all movies have singular genera in them. Some incorporate more than one genre to be granted terms such as dramedy and romcoms. But there is no boundary, as it is seen especially in more modern films which combine styles so innovatively, with some combinations being utterly absurd. Each of the main genres of film is discussed in the essay.

Comedy films are a highly popular genre. From childlike, innocent humor appropriate for all ages, to adult humor, and dark comedy, comedy films come in countless varieties. Charlie Chaplin is probably the father of cinematic comedy, with his famous mimes such as The Kid. Names such as Jim Carrey, Martin Lawrence, and Eddie Murphy are reminiscent of modern comedy films. Dark comedy genres which comprise titles such as A Clockwork Orange and Jennifer’s Body are appreciable to a small fraction of people in the general population. Comedy films are also in the form of animations such as the Ice Age franchise and Toy Story, which are both adventure comics. Comedy has a stress relieving effect. A good number of people seek out for comedy films simply to forget about their stressful realities. The modern film industry has seen stand-up comedy being recorded and distributed as films as well, with the likes of Kevin Hart and Chris Rock ruling in that sector.

Horror films are a genre that started during the dawn of movie-making. True to their name, they can be horrific. Some people find them unacceptable and condemn them for being evil and demonic, with malevolent effects on those who watch them. They are therefore a source of controversy in a few quarters. Some people find entertainment in being horrified, while some get downright scared and leave the movie theater or stop watching the film. Enjoyment is derived from the nature of unpredictability and the shocking and profoundly scary scenes which give a paradoxically delightful sense of danger. Horror movies explore various types within the horror genre, such as vampires, ghosts and haunted places, reaper films, and some psychological thrillers. Famous horror titles include The Shining, The Silence of the Lambs, The Exorcist, and The Ring franchise.

Science fiction is a genre based on scientific theories, either entirely fictitious or theoretically correct, but never tested. It is a genre arguably more popular among young people. Science fiction has continuously depicted correct theories which are actualized later. Travel to the moon, interplanetary travel have been portrayed in science films such as La Voyage Dans la Lune before they became a reality. Recent films such as Interstellar show a high chance of predicting the future, being based on true theories. Science fiction films explore branches of science such as information technology, physics and space travel, biology, psychology, and more. Space travel is probably the most dominant of science fiction films. Computer technology is likely to be second, with theories such as artificial intelligence being pursued the most in movies such as I, Robot.

Dramatic films are familiar in the contemporary film industry. They often capture relatable real-life stories and experiences. The drama also happens to be a genre that is very frequently in most of the other genres. Love stories, stories of coming to age, and other subgenres all related to the human condition are pursued in drama films. These types of movies all emanate from the point of a human desire to connect with other people, as depicted in such storylines. The person watching is also provided with various characters, with whom they might be able to relate. Such films include Boyhood, Things to Come, and the famous Titanic which is coupled with lots of adventure in its storyline.

Action movies are seemingly the most popular genre of movies in any given general population. A lot of people enjoy breathtaking scenes in films. These include fights of all sorts, guns and other weapons, car chases, and often adventure being in the mix. The excitement brought by these films is captivating and is capable of keeping young boys glued to their screens. Among the most popular action films include the Terminator franchise and the legendary James Bond films. Action films mostly capture police, criminals, military, and vigilante heroes. They often have other genres blended into them, such as romantic drama, science fiction, and car action. A good example with a lot of genres in it would be the Fast and Furious franchise, which is now at its eighth film. The films in the series have drama, action, violence, and car action within them.

The major genres of movies are discussed in the essay. Comedy, horror, drama, science fiction and action films. It is concluded that it is rare especially nowadays to find a movie with a single genre, they mostly come with mixed types. Some blends are ridiculous, such as comedy and horror together, but they somehow can work to produce successful films. The invention of movies and the film industry began with the discovery of the video camera. With the rapid developments in the cinema industry, one could only imagine the forms of inventions that will come into the enterprise.

August 09, 2021


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