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Global capitalism and freedom

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When the political and economic structure in which free markets and companies are centered on private control for profit is referred to as global capitalism. Global capitalism recognizes all aspects of society, such as invention, prosperity, class relations, and governance, in a globally united fashion, which enhances the freedom and elasticity with which companies and financial institutions function. Fundamentalism refers to a worldwide community of theological movements in all major faiths that have a strong family resemblance. Fundamentalists claim that their faith is above criticism and can not be imposed on others. Relationship between Global Capitalism and Fundamental Religious Movements.
Both fundamentalist and modernity are revolutionary. The fundamentalist has bared that the society cannot scorn the old secularist for religious enthused policies. A good example is Iran, where an ideal of Shi’s democracy began. Also, scholars now must study fundamentalism as considerately as any other dogma. For global capitalism, it has evolved to entire different kind of civilization, as a replacement on early agrarian, they have developed an economic grounded upon machinery and relentless reinvestment of capital.

Equally, global capitalism and fundamental religious movement have led to emerging of a new society. Modernity has led to a new society, in order to house the new budget. For instance, a further independent system of government is significance to keep the market flexible, while in the fundamental religious movement has led to new society. For example, the Zionist fundamentalism that came to the forefront after the Yom Kippur war of 1973, when the Israelis felt most defenseless yet Zionist felt had for the most part been secular movement.

For people to adopt to the modern ethos, they are likely to use religion, and for a society to triumph in the new world they tend to be fair-minded, accepting and secularist.


Armstrong, K. (2004). Resisting modernity: The Backlash against secularism. Harvard International Review, 25(4), 40.

August 18, 2021




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