Gold credit card of Kenya's commercial bank

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A game-changer is a revolutionary element applied to a scenario that drastically affects the way things are done. As seen from the prism of a business or organization, it is an event or entity that fundamentally changes and eases the way things are done. Money as a means of trade proved to be cumbersome and risky over time, as one would be targeted by bandits and lose their valuables.

According to one historian called Johnathan Kenoyer, the concept of using valueless currency goes back to the Mesopotamian civilization, which performed their dealings with the Harappan civilization using a slab of clay with signed seals from both parties. Although clay tablets were cumbersome, it was better than the amount of copper coins which could be melted to make the transactions possible. During the 1800’s credit coins as well as charge plates were used to extend credit to farmers so that they could pay their debts when they harvested their farm produce. This was not so different to the proprietary cards issued by some few selected department stores to customers as a means to boost loyalty and improved service in the USA in the early 1900’s.

Major Kenyan banks are attributed to the introduction of consumer cards earlier in the 1990’s which is a breakthrough in the money industry; credit cards operated on the idea of ‘use now pay later.’ This paper purposes to discuss the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Gold Credit Card as a game changer. This paper will further point out the conditions that have led to the success of this card, and finally the reasons why this card has had a lasting impact.

Why the KCB Gold credit card is a game changer

KCB Gold Credit Cards has revolutionized how we conduct business and financial transactions it is attributed to safety as it makes it easier to avoid losses from fraud. The process of making payments using money is a very deliberate act which can cause both physical and mental ramification to a person. Walking around with a wallet full of cash is not only cumbersome but also much more insecure because you could not know when you are going to encounter a pick-pocket.

KCB Gold Credit Card is articulated to offer to sign up bonuses to customers which can be redeemed for air travel, gift cards and redeemable points which can be converted to cash when a certain threshold is reached. The grace period which is enjoyed by the KCB Gold Credit card holders is an added advantage, payment of bills is done at the end of the month.

Another factor is the build-up of credit which has been attributed to the careful and responsible use of the KCB Gold Credit Card which comes about due to improved credit score, as many companies’ reports payments activities to credit bureaus for assessment of creditworthiness. Financial flexibility cannot go unnoticed. Consumers now have the freedom to obtain goods and services which otherwise could not be paid for in full when purchased.

Conditions which lead to the success of the KCB Gold Credit Card

Kenyans obtained ‘book credit ‘which provided financial flexibility like the modern credit cards from merchants in the twentieth century, urbanization and emergence of chain stores rendered this kind of credit arrangements infeasible. The road to development of the Golden credit card was store specific metal charge cards in the early 1900’s, but this system offered credit only to favored customers, but this kind of arrangement was not fully functional as it did not cover all the customers leaving efficiency loopholes. In an effort to boost sales the oil companies also gave loyal customers courtesy papers which could be used at any of their stations.

The invention of KCB Gold Credit card in the 20th Century has revolutionized the way financial transactions take place. Thomas Durkin notes that the likelihood of having a credit card rises with income this is because high-income earners are likely to pay off their debts. Increased consumption and change of spending patterns have fueled the popularity of the use of KCB Gold Credit card which has translated to improved living standards and economic growth.

Reasons why the KCB Gold credit card has a lasting impact. There is no doubt that KCB Gold Credit card has made life more convenient, one does not have to carry cash wherever they go, and this also come with the benefit of making large purchases possible. KCB Gold Credit Card is the first opportunity for many young people to build a solid credit history, which translates to other type of credits such as auto loans and mortgage. Manning and Robert articulated that KCB Gold Credit Cards do not only give you an opportunity to have a better life but also put more money into the economy. The economy depends mostly on consumer spending thus the more the consumers spend, the more the economy develops.


In conclusion, KCB Gold Credit Cards have revolutionized the Kenyan economy as it is attributed to increased consumption and improved lifestyle due to the flexibility that comes with it. Financial safety is always a major concern to most people; this is provided by the KCB Gold Credit Card. The fact that one can conduct financial transactions and shop online in the comfort of their couch is revolutionary.


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October 25, 2022

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