Gregor Samsa’s

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Any of Gregor Samsa's family members reacted differently to his transformation into a giant insect. Gregor's family consisted of four people and a maid. Gregor, his sister Grete, his mother, and his father were among the family members. Each of the family members reacted differently to Gregor's transition, revealing their personalities to the reader.

Grete, Gregor's girlfriend, comes across as a loving and compassionate sister. Despite Gregor's transformation, Grete remains devoted to her brother. When the rest of the family is gone, she is the only one who looks after Gregor. During the first step of Gregor's transition, she ensures that food appropriate for Gregor's current condition is sought. When Grete noticed that Gregor had not touched the milk and bread that she had left him, she brings him a variety which included half rotten vegetable, bones covered in white sauce, cheese resins and almonds (pg 12-13). Gregor was able to eat cheese, rotten vegetable, and the sauce. Grete is also considerate in that she always gives Gregor his privacy. When she brings food to Gregor, she leaves the room for him to eat (pg 13). Grete’s caring attitude extends to other family members as she readily takes up the roles of the maid when she left.

Gregor’s mother response to his transformation gives readers insight of her timid character. Though she would have liked to check on her son, she lacked the courage to do so. Though they were living in the same house, for the first fourteen days of Gregor’s transformation, like her husband, they could not summon the courage to check on him (pg17). Also, despite knowing that Gregory had transformed into an insect when she gets a glimpse of him on the portrait, she passes out due to timidness (pg21). She is quick to release the maid when she begs to leave out of fear of the maid knowing much about Gregor’s transformation (p15).

Gregor’s father responds to his son’s transformation with a lot of disdain. He does not like the situation and is not willing to help out, in fact, he wants to get rid of Gregory. When Grete wants to move furniture from Gregor’s room, the best person to help her is her father, but she does not tell her as she knew he would not help (pg15). He tries to kill Gregor by throwing apples at him when he found out that he had moved from his room and caused his wife to faint.

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