Guide on How to Write a Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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The writer must have a clear statement of purpose to guide them when writing an essay. It's also easier to write an introduction, especially the thesis statement, when you have a clear purpose. Fill in the blanks below with two possible statements of purpose for topics 1 and 2, as well as one for topic 3. Make sure your statements are concise enough that you can write a short essay on each of them. Use a phrase that starts with "to tell," "to show," or something similar.
Topic: Health
To demonstrate how exercise can be used to maintain good health.
To demonstrate how to live a healthy lifestyle by adopting good eating habits.
To determine various facts about soccer through exclusive research.

To differentiate soccer from other sports through careful evaluation.


To explain different gardening habits by visiting farmers.

To learn new technologies in gardening by interviewing agricultural experts.


To inform on ways of abolishing cheating by using specialized softwares.

Part II (5 Points)

Write the introduction of a short essay on one of the topics listed below. Make sure your introduction paragraph has a hook at least two supporting sentences and a thesis. Topics: (1) How I Became a Student at College

How I Became a Student at College

Education life is one of the most challenging necessities of life yet quite essential. If one has any hopes of becoming a valuable member of the society, then attending college is a priority. Therefore, to gain considerable knowledge to utilize in the daily professional activities, college education is imperative.

SECTION B: (5 Points)

Complete the following sentences, using appropriate connecting words from the choices provided in each case. These words or connectors should connect the independent clauses in a meaningful way.

Yousef is not only a good teammate but also a great personal friend.

not only…but also, b. either…or, c. whether… or

Ibrahim either finds his car keys or patiently waits for me to take him to the supermarket when I am able to.

neither…nor, b. either…or, c. whether…or

Please, make up your mind. You are either with me or against me.

neither…nor; b. whether…or; c. either…or

Majid could not attend the meeting, so he sent his representative.

for, b. so, c. yet

I was very sick and tired, yet I managed to attend the graduation ceremony.

for, b. so, c. yet, d. and

I have taught English, but I still find it difficult to help my students with some of the complexities of the English grammar.

so, b. and, c. but

Christopher couldn’t go out to lunch, so he decided to eat some snacks in his office.

for, b. so, c. yet, d. and, e. but

I had a difficult childhood and experienced neither wealth nor comfort when I was growing up.

either…or; b. neither…nor; c. whether…or; d. not only…but also

Museum art must not be touched by visitors for constant touching affects the quality of the artifacts.

for, b. so, c. yet, d. and, e. but

Mike said he would prefer neither coffee nor tea because he wants to avoid caffeine.

neither…nor, b. either…or, c. whether…or

SECTION C: (15 Points)

This exercise is a test of your written communication skills. Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps in each case. Write the correct word in the space provided. (5 Points)

She took her lunch away from this table and is now sitting over there.

a). there, b). there, c). they’re

His suit was black but its pinstripes were light gray.

a). Its, b). his, c). its

I know a cry for help when I hear one.

a). see, b). hear, c). feel, d). want

I didn’t do anything wrong.

a). nothing, b). anything, c). something

She can’t study with anyone.

a). somebody, b). anyone, c). nobody

This section enables you to focus on grammar awareness. By using the term 'grammar' we mean the placing of words in a certain order, with the correct endings, and linked together in a way that makes grammatical sense. (5 Points)

The sentences below look quite similar but have a different meaning. Please pick the sentence that is correct by circling the letter of the correct sentence.

The Yangtze, which flows from The Kunlun Mountains, is the longest river in Asia.

The Yangtze flows from the Kunlun Mountains which is the longest river in Asia.

Which is the correct word to use in the sentence below? Is or was?

In J D Salinger's, The Catcher in the Rye, the narrator is a successful character in terms of moral development. However, he is also seriously troubled in many ways.

Which is the correct word to use in the sentence below? Is or are?

Neither the King nor the Minister of Education is coming to visit our city this year.

How should you refer to yourself? Fill the gap in with I or me.

My father and I are planning to visit the holy city of Mecca next year.

Which of the verb forms 'depends' or 'depend' matches (agrees) with the subject 'the automatic gain control and strength of signal'? Type depend or depends in the text box below.

The automatic gain control and strength of signal in any FM receiver depend upon the aerial.

Use the correct transition word or connecting word to complete the sentences. Write the correct word in the spaces provided.

Brian went camping as a young boy and greatly enjoyed the outdoors as a teenager. As a result, he works as an adventure guide in the outback in Australia.

As a result, b. Incidentally, c. Even though

In fact, his favorite show as a child was "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?"

Although, b. However, c. In fact

In contrast to his last traveling adventure, this vacation is much more demanding.

In contrast, b. Subsequent, c. Adjacent to

In spite of the heat and mosquitoes, the trip to New Guinea was exciting and fun.

In contrast to b. In spite of c. Even though

The Amazon is the largest river in the world. Nevertheless, conservation is important in order to maintain the bountiful water supply for future generations.

Indeed b. Consequently c. Nevertheless

Although that mountain looks small, it takes 2 full days to climb to the top.

Although b. Specifically c. In fact

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