Handwriting: Social Sciences and Physical Sciences

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Writing at the university is a major component of the learning phase. Depending on the route one is majoring on, academic writing at the institutions of higher getting to know basically fall under one of the three broad classes namely: writing in business, writing in sciences and finally writing in humanities. With as much as all these three writing genres are distinct in the format, content, and style, all are geared to check a student's understanding of the various topics that are being tested. Writing in humanities regularly seeks to deal with problems that relate to the values that are enshrined in human beings. Academic writing relating to humanities seeks to enable college students to develop a better understanding of human nature. The next genre is writing in sciences. This category is further subdivided into physical sciences and social sciences. The upshot of this genre is that it is designed to highlight new discoveries and sets the stage for fact-finding missions. Writing in sciences employs a third person voice and the use of a formal tone.
Physical sciences mostly investigate the natural and physical occurrences within the environment. Conciseness is the other characteristic of this type of writing and in most cases, it utilizes research reports and documentation of analytical studies. It is also in form of literature reviews and lab reports. Social sciences, on the other hand, lay emphasis on human behavior and the manner in which it affects the society.
This semester I was fortunate to do a number of assignments that formed my understanding of the various disciplines and distinct ways of writing in the three academic disciplines. The first assignment was an article comparative analysis titled "Humanities, Natural Science and Social Sciences: A Comparative Analysis". This article was vital in my understanding of the disciplines since it succinctly outlined the various similarities and differences among them. I was able to comprehend that the critical and speculative approach that is often employed in humanities articles distinguishes writing in this discipline from the other disciplines.
Researching on this assignment also made me understand that natural sciences lay emphasis on the describing, predicting and measurement of certain phenomena by utilizing evidence that has been acquired. Therefore it was evident that natural sciences depend on the use of empirical approaches in order to explain the research being propounded or enforce a theory that is being advanced. This assignment enabled be to understand the fact that social sciences squarely dealt with factors that affect human beings. Writing in social sciences often makes use of literature reviews in order to corroborate the information in the research.
The second assignment that I undertook this semester was titled "Formal Summary". In this assignment, i was required to undertake a critical review of a given article. The article was a both a social and natural sciences paper that sought to highlight the manner in which stress, depression, and anxiety had the ability to increase the rate of drug abuse. It was easy to discern the factors that affected human beings in the article such as stress and anxiety and the manner they led to drug addiction. The paper also described and measured the correlation between two phenomena, namely, stress and drug addiction.
In conclusion, a student needs to have a good mastery of the three disciplines in order to be able to know at which genre to apply when faced with a given task. This is important since all the genres have very distinct formats and writing styles. Failure to adhere to them leaves one prejudiced and might lead to a poor performance for failure to adhere to the given instructions. Other than the being able to undertake assignments, understanding of the three disciplines is important in order to expand one's scope of knowledge and intellectual capacity.

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