Hotpoint Electric Heating Company Research Essay

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With its headquarters in Peterborough, the Hotpoint Electric Heating Company primarily produces household appliances for markets in Europe and America. The business produces ovens, freezers, cookers, blenders, dishwashers, washing machines, electric irons, and microwaves under the brand name Hotpoint. (Whirlpool Appliances LTD, 2017). To increase sales of its various products, the business advertises home appliances through a variety of media. This essay centers on a Hotpoint Electric Heating Company advertisement for an automatic electric appliance.

To guarantee their safety, Hotpoint gives its customers advice on how to properly use electrical appliances only for those purposes. The advertisement calls for the buyers to ensure the oven is grounded and installed correctly by a competent technician according to the instruction provided by the product's manual. Customers are also required to ensure that children do not play with any part of the oven including the controls and also avoid leaving the door of the oven open (Paulson & Schramm, 2017). When opening the oven door, one is also advised to stand away from the range since steam or hot air from the oven can cause burns. Heating food in unopened containers is also discouraged as pressure may build up in the container making it burst eventually causing injury. Customers are also advised to ensure the oven vent duct is clear and unobstructed. The oven shelves should also be placed in positions after cooling. Users are also adequately advised to wipe over excess spillage before starting the self-cleaning mode. Ovens should also not be used as a storage area as some of these can easily ignite.


Hotpoint products are usually covered by warranties against defects and faults. All authorized dealers of Hotpoint products also offer these warranties. Hotpoint primarily provides spares and repair services for its electronics including ovens which are under warranty. Its appliances have a twelve months guarantee from the manufacturer in case of mechanical breakdown. However, the guarantee has some conditions like an oven should only be used on gas or electricity supply which is encoded on it. The oven should also have been used only for normal domestic use and not commercial use. Any parts that are detached during the repair process or replacement automatically become the property of Hotpoint. On the contrary, a guarantee does not cover defects resulting from improper use, transportation or improper installation. The company being a large appliance registered oven ensures the buyer is provided with free spare parts for the first ten years after the purchase of the appliance. This is on condition that they are fitted by their highly qualified engineers.


In case the appliance has defects such as smoke when the oven is used, the company advice the customer to watch the manual for correct connection and use. Customers are also advised that in case the timer display is blank then the oven is not connected to a power supply. The problem is solved by simply ensuring the switch is on. When the grill and oven fail to work but the main oven works one needs to switch the appliance off and allow it to cool for about thirty seconds. Since the oven lamp is not covered by the warranty, when it fails to work it can easily be replaced. When condensation happens in the oven just after use, the user should avoid leaving food to cool in the oven or use covered containers where possible.


Hotpoint products also ensure their users enjoy product liability. Hotpoint is responsible for damage or loss which is a foreseeable outcome of breach of terms and conditions by the company. If the loss was not foreseeable, then Hotpoint is not liable. This is also applicable in cases where the damage was contemplated by the two parties at the time of entering into the contract (Sherrow & Marzilli, 2010).


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July 15, 2023


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