How does management work?

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Any company enterprise is dependent on its management, and it is not unusual to see situations in which companies succeed due to good management or collapse due to ineffective leadership. Peter Drucker is one of the authors who have written works that seek to provide insight into how management works and its consequences at the workplace. In the first section of the book, titled Management, the author directly expounds on how management works, and any reader who reads the whole section is likely to learn useful insight on how to run an organization that performs its tasks with the goal of producing money. Even though readers may realize some shortcomings in the section, they acquire information on how to improve management at work.

Summary of Section I

Drucker covers several issues in part one of the book which may offer vital information to people who serve or who aspire to function as managers in the coming times. First, the author looks at management as a social function and a liberal art, and here, Drucker mentions that anyone who serves in a managing position takes charge of a critical function which may have either adverse or positive impacts on the society (Drucker 5). The author further creates the impression that serving as a manager is a form of art which requires techniques to realize important outcome. Drucker (51) asserts that as a manager, one should expect to encounter some social problems which will need quick solution to protect the business from becoming a victim of the situation. Drucker, therefore, creates awareness that executives need the insight to engage in their activities without numerous hardships.

The scholar (Drucker) points out that every manager should have an objective as well as self-control to attain positive results. The report, for example, urges managers and aspiring leaders to outline their goals and put effort to accomplish each one of them no matter the situation. Drucker (114) states that a leader may encounter constraints at the place of work, or in any other environment and without any guidance the manager may fail to attain his or her goals. Apart from creating clear goals, the writing by Drucker passes the information that managers should have the self-control to avoid making mistakes that may harm the business operations (Drucker 121). The writer gives examples of leadership qualities such as being humble, forgiving, considerate, and analytical to be some of the crucial elements that make the person in control of an entrepreneur to have control over the matters that ensue at the business environment.

The Extend at which Drucker_x0092_s writing is Relevant in the Present Times

Section I of Drucker_x0092_s book provides vital information that may help business leaders in the present times. The book affirms that leaders take the opportunity to serve the community rather than to make personal gains, and this makes it relevant to the contemporary period when institutions give managers the mandate to execute their subjects_x0092_ desires. Currently, leaders who take advantage of their opportunity face public criticism, and may even lose their position when they fail to deliver. Organizational managers should put effort to meet what the business_x0092_ goals demand to be in a situation where they can continue serving as leaders. Secondly, a leader in the contemporary world cannot realize productive results when they lack clearly outlined objectives about the establishment_x0092_s operations, as well as in personal life. Nowadays, managers who do not come up with proper objectives encounter serious challenges which ultimately lead to the business_x0092_ downfall.

Drucker offers much awareness concerning the information executives need today, and readers acquire insight on how managers ought to conduct their activities in the modern business community. Drucker (103) points out that it is impossible to record good outcome without knowledge which one acquires through intense training and personal effort. The enlightenment by Drucker is applicable now that no leader can record satisfying result without applying technical skills in their functions. The need to acquire knowledge is, indeed, the main reason why leaders pursue training courses even while undergoing their services. Finally, section I of Drucker_x0092_s writing gives beneficial consciousness on how to better one_x0092_s undertakings, but the piece would be more productive if the author incorporated more visual presentations to simply some of the information he offers. Otherwise, the section is an excellent source of inspiration for practicing and aspiring managers.


The book by Drucker gives valuable insight on how managers should conduct their undertakings to witness an impressive performance. Readers acquire knowledge that leaders should consider their operations as a call to serve their subjects and to know that their duties require proper skills. The section provides the teaching that it is wise to create objectives as well as develop self-control over matters which appear to be creating obstacles at the venture to counter social problems that erupt at the workplace. Lastly, the audience gains awareness on the importance of education and training in attaining positive outcome at the foundation.

Work Cited

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December 28, 2022


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