How Much Has Changed about Terrorism on 9/11

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The article is prepared by three authors who attempt to explain the trends in terrorism in the United States and around the world. One of the authors, Brian Michael Jenkins, contends that today's terrorists are more intent on killing a large number of people, making it tougher to forecast terrorist strikes. According to the article, terrorists are not insane in the clinical sense, but rather rational human beings; hence, predicting who would become the next terrorist has become difficult.

Terrorism is a provocative act in which terrorists cause the government to react hastily and emotionally, rather than rationally and soberly. Additionally, terrorism is an act of attrition where the terrorists aim at undermining public confidence in the elected leaders hence affecting the political system of the country. The authors argues that terrorists have changed both inconsequential and stakes compared to before the 9/11.

The article argues that terrorism is more common in concentrated areas such as Iraq and Northern Ireland. Terrorisms is presented as a threat to liberal democracy which aims to erode democratic values. Again, the article also questions the counterterrorism measures that are put in place by the government. Counterterrorism measures include countering radicalization. Some of the actions against radicalization involve improving communication within the communities that are at high risk of radicalization and encouraging the respected members of the society to speak against the evil. Radicalization is a gradual process where a person turns over a long period of life and eventually turning to be violent. Additionally, personal crises may make an individual more violent. The article suggests there is need to tackle terrorism seriously and the nation to be united in the fight to curb terrorism. Additionally, more focuses should be given to reaction of the citizens since terrorism also aims at installing fear to citizens.

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Brian Michael Jenkins, and Martha Crenshaw. "How Much Really Changed About Terrorism On 9/11?" The Atlantic. N.P., 2016. Web. 15 Dec. 2017.

May 02, 2023
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