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With the pamphlet, patients will learn that, while diabetes is a lifelong condition, there are numerous ways in which they can participate in self-management. They will learn about risk factors, different forms of diabetes, presenting symptoms that may alert testing, and several types of tests that might confirm a diagnosis (An, 2016). They will also utilize the tool to comprehend the many drugs and crucial meals that will aid in the management of the illness and guarantee that blood glucose levels remain normal. As a result, the booklet will provide them with all of the important information regarding diabetes. Being a person with diabetes does not mean that a patient has to turn to a dull lifestyle and tasteless food choices. Patients should consider it as an opportunity to take care of themselves and make healthy choices in keeping fit and keeping their blood sugars at a normal level (An, 2016). It gives them an opportunity to make decisions that will positively affect their later years with the various holistic remedies. According to the website, patients like me, many people with diabetes use insulin treatment as opposed to natural supplements.

Community Resources

According to the joint commission quality check, there are 53 facilities based in Florida that provide patients with the relevant education and resources to help them manage their condition. These resources provide an approved curriculum, the skills required to stay physically fit, support from other participants and follow up sessions for frequent testing (Longo & Woolf, 2014). They will also provide relevant information the associated risk factors such as obesity and how to manage them.

Patients' Ability to Perform Basic Computer Functions

Patients need to be equipped with the capacity to perform a basic function on the internet such as search fro keywords that would enable them to acquire more information on the condition (Fergie, Hilton & Hunt, 2015). As such visiting the facilities will equip them with the necessary skills to ensure that they can get all solutions for the challenges they encounter in the cause of management also communicate with other suffering from similar situations. Having access to websites such as WebMD would, therefore, be of help in providing various holistic remedies.

Graphs, Charts and Visual


There are various graphs, charts and visual information provided to help individuals with diabetes to identify situations when they should take caution and the different ways they can use in management (Longo & Woolf, 2014). Drawings are made indicating the different symptoms common to individuals who have diabetes and various remedies on an approach towards lowering the level of blood sugar in the blood stream (An, 2016). However, some labels on different food items may contain misleading information and patients need to obtain the right information from the clinic to ensure management of the blood glucose is achieved

Directions to Search and Apply Relevant Online Information

The patients will require identifying specific websites such as and where they can get all the information they need. Consequently, in some of these websites, they will be required to subscribe to some of the relevant sites to receives updates and details of the management of diabetes (Fergie, Hilton & Hunt, 2015). It is through the websites that the individuals will get to understand the various methods of treatment used and in consultation with their physician establish the most appropriate for them (Longo & Woolf, 2014). All these sites are aimed at teaching the diabetic patient about the disease and ensuring that they understand the different ways to control it and the types of food that they need to consume (Fergie, Hilton & Hunt, 2015). Also, through the websites, they can derive information on the relevant ways to calculate their Carb count and distribute them through the day.


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