How to effectively engage and motivate employees

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The essay discusses how workers should be inspired at work. The form described is payment. It has been shown that the majority of human resource professionals agree that workers are likely to overestimate the value of compensation in employee surveys (Rynes, Gerhart & Minette 2004). This suggests that they agree that pay should not be weighed when it comes to employee motivation. The study has shown that the assumption of human capital is incorrect ( Rynes, Gerhart & Minette 2004). There has been a review of the inconsistencies between what is said and done by people with respect to pay. A discussion of why pay tends or is likely to be an essential motivator has been done. There is also the mention of why managers might disregard the importance of pay. Pay has been seen to be not equally essential to certain individual or in certain situations ( Rynes, Gerhart & Minette 2004). The existing situation of where pay may be more or less important to employees has been identified.

An engaged employee is a person that is committed to their work and feel involved in all aspects of their job. With motivation, comes engagement of the employee. There it is correct to say for an employee to be engaged, they have to be fully motivated. There the discussion of how to motivate an employee also includes engagement. The final part in the journal includes recommendations needed for implementing research findings with respect to pay ( Rynes, Gerhart & Minette 2004). There are also suggestions on how to evaluate pay systems.

The insight learned from the research is that one needs to identify and understand the meaning of the topic in order to analyze the research. The other one is identification of ways to evaluate the existing mechanisms under that topic.


Rynes, S. L., Gerhart, B., & Minette, K. A. (2004). The importance of pay in employee motivation: Discrepancies between what people say and what they do. Human resource management, 43(4), 381-394.

January 25, 2023

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