How To Make an Activated Charcoal Mask

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Homemade activated carbon dioxide and bentonite clay have been shown to have many benefits for our skin. Any of the acne-cleaning facial masks on the market have been shown to contain harsh additives with examples of salicylic and glycolic acids, which not only breaks down the skin but also thins it, weakens it over time, causes inflammation, redness, dehydration, and oiliness (Wellness Mama). However, a handmade charcoal face mask is absolutely healthy and helps to minimize the size of our skin pores, to reduce facial oiliness, to aid with the treatment of acne, and, most importantly, clean our skin profoundly. (“DIY All-Natural Blackhead Busting Blackout Mask”).


One Green Teabag: The tea bag acts as an oxidant and helps in fighting radicals which are responsible for diseases and aging of the skin

Two tablespoon Distilled water: the distilled water will help in skin dehydration and fighting off inflammation (Looks).

One Unflavored Gelatin packet: Gelatin is primarily used to induce a peeling effect to the facemask so that it can deliver the best cleaning results (“How to Make an Activated Charcoal Facial Mask”).

One tablespoon Activated charcoal: this is carbon treated with oxygen and because it’s a fine powder it soaks and absorbs gas and any form of toxicity from the skin.

Half tablespoon of Bentonite Clay: bentonite clay is very useful as it helps in attracting, trapping and removing toxins from the face. Once mixed with water it primarily functions to trap and remove any of the toxins and impurities from the skin.

Half tablespoon of Lemon: this helps in fighting bacteria that may be found in the skin. It also has a slight lightening effect, which may be useful for those who do not like freckles or fights with some dark spots on the skin (Chandni).


Take a non-metallic bowl and add the bentonite clay, gelatin, and the activated charcoal. Mix the three thoroughly until they attain a uniform mixture.

Add the distilled water most preferably if it is warm.

With the use of a bamboo skew, stir the mixture gently until a perfect mixture is attained. Mixing of the ingredients is crucial as it ensures that there are no clumps in the mixture.

After the solution attains a paste-like form apply it on the face. Take about ten minutes to allow it to dry while still on your face then wash it off with warm water and soap.

Scientific facts

It is useful to know that the activated charcoal's adsorptive ability is high due to its fine particles. Adsorption works on the principles of electrical attraction, with components such as molecules, ions and atoms being pulled to its surface and bonding with it hence attracting toxins (“DIY Activated Charcoal Face Mask”). Being very fine its surface area extends of for the adsorption capabilities since through heating, its porous capability is increased, and this maximizes the contact area.


The application of activated charcoal face mask has been noted to have several advantages such as reducing oil on the skin, making the skin pores clean and small, a remedy for acne, soothe the skin and heals cuts, skin irritation and small cuts (Looks). Thus, by making quite easy steps described in this How To, you will receive the healthy, cheap and effective skin care product, made by your own hands. After using this mask you will see the positive changes of your face skin condition and its regular use will obviously fix the effect.

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October 13, 2022

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