How to See the Northern Lights Or Aurora

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The northern lights or Aurora are spectacular displays of brilliant light that can be viewed only in certain regions of the world. Located mainly in high latitudes, the auroras display a dynamic pattern of brilliant lights. These lights can appear as curtains, rays, spirals, and dynamic flickers. If you are planning a trip to the north, you should try to catch a glimpse of the auroras during a clear night.

Aurora Borealis

The aurora, also known as the polar lights, is a spectacular display of natural light. These displays are most commonly seen in high-latitude regions and exhibit dynamic patterns of brilliant lights that appear as curtains, rays, spirals, and dynamic flickers. You can see them in person in the Arctic, Antarctica, and Greenland. If you're lucky enough to catch them, you'll be able to see them in spectacular detail.

Corona holes

We may have been lucky enough to see the northern lights or Aurora last night, but clouds over Fairbanks blocked the view. Even though the show was subtle, it was a sight to behold. This particular type of aurora is known as a coronal hole, and the sun's energy from these events can produce a very pretty and fast-changing red glow. There are a couple of ways to see the Northern Lights and Aurora this winter.

Solar wind

The solar wind is a highly energetic force that travels between the Earth and Sun, and it ultimately powers the aurora. The solar wind does not travel directly to the auroral zone, and electrons cannot cross this boundary. Instead, they travel via magnetic field lines and are accelerated to the speed of 72.4 million km/h. While the solar wind is responsible for the aurora, the intensity of the solar winds affects where the aurora can be seen.


The colours of the northern lights or Aurora are determined by the proportions of oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. Green is the most common colour, which is seen from ground level. At higher altitudes, they can appear red or purple. In some instances, people have mistaken them for fire on the horizon. When observed, the Northern Lights are a truly magical sight. Read on to learn about the different colours.


To see the Northern Lights, you will need to be at a specific latitude. The light show is most spectacular between September and April. The lights are scientifically known as Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis, depending on where they appear. The northern lights are visible in many locations in the Northern Hemisphere and have been a boom for local economies for centuries. The latitudes where you can view the Northern Lights are described below.

Scientific explanation

The scientific explanation for the northern lights or Aurora has been debated since ancient times, but some scientists have come up with a plausible explanation. Some believe that it is caused by solar wind, which is high-speed particles traveling through space at speeds of 45 million mph. Other scientists say it's caused by electromagnetic forces. Despite the lack of direct evidence, scientists have suggested that the auroras are caused by a combination of solar activity and Earth's magnetic field.


You may have seen photos of the Northern Lights or Aurora in the sky but aren't quite sure how to capture them. The best way to create beautiful images of the Northern Lights is to take several photos, blending the different lights and stars in one image. This will create an image with a sense of symmetry and order within the chaos. Using a tripod and long exposures are essential to capture the best images of the Aurora.

July 29, 2022




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