How to Serve on a Jury

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In a court of law, a jury is a group of people who are sworn to make a fair, unbiased decision. They will decide on the judgment and penalty for a case. The jury system was originally developed in England during the Middle Ages. Today, it's a staple of the Anglo common law legal system.

Qualified applicants

If you are a United States citizen, you are required by law to serve on a jury. It is one of the most important civic responsibilities a person can perform. Qualified applicants for jury service must answer a series of questions, based on a national platform, that helps the court determine their eligibility. Even if they are not eligible, applicants must answer these questions to ensure that they are of sound mind and fit to serve on a jury.

When applying for a jury, a qualified applicant must declare any investments in the City or County, as well as any business positions they may have. They also must declare whether they own any real estate and any income that they have from these interests.

Qualified jurors

The primary role of a juror is to listen to the evidence and decide the facts of a case. The judge, in turn, determines the legal aspects of the case and keeps the trial moving. Jury service is a civic duty and the system of justice cannot function without it. Applicants for jury service must be adults who are willing to take part in jury selection.

A person who is unable to serve on a jury must provide an official statement from their doctor or mental health provider, stating that they cannot serve on a jury. This document must state the nature and extent of the applicant's condition and explain how the condition will affect their ability to serve on a jury.


Jury Orientation is an important part of the jury service. It provides prospective jurors with information about the process and helps them understand what to expect during their two-week term. This introductory session is usually conducted in the main courthouse by a Circuit Clerk or a Judge. It will also cover many important topics, including the qualifications of a juror and their duties in the courtroom. A well-produced video will help jurors get settled in the courthouse, understand their responsibilities in the courtroom, and make the experience more positive. The video database contains more than 75 juror orientation videos from 33 states produced in the last 10 years.

Jurors must report to jury orientation at least half an hour before the jury trial starts. If jurors have access to the internet, they may choose to attend jury orientation via zoom, although they must still show up at least 30 minutes early. Otherwise, they may opt to attend orientation in person.

voir dire

The voir dire is the first opportunity a lawyer has to present their case to the jury. It also gives attorneys a chance to identify potential jurors who might be peremptory or have cause for disqualification. The voir dire is also a good time to identify potential "human bombs" - those who would be difficult to convince.

A voir dire can be a helpful tool for attorneys in many civil and criminal cases. This process allows attorneys to ask prospective jurors questions about their background, religious beliefs, and other factors that may influence their judgment. The attorney can also exercise his or her right to challenge prospective jurors based on their answers.


If a defendant is convicted of a crime, they can make a motion to dismiss the case. This motion can be made after the state has presented all of its evidence and the jury has returned a guilty verdict or before the end of the court session. Depending on the facts of the case, a defendant can make a dismissal motion for a variety of reasons. In some cases, a defendant may choose to dismiss the case on non-factual guilt or innocence grounds or because the prosecution has failed to present enough evidence to establish guilt.

Dismissal by jury can occur because jurors may be not fit or qualified for service on a jury. If a juror is not willing to be impartial, the prosecution may challenge them for cause. In some cases, a judge will dismiss a juror for actual bias. Similarly, a juror's religious beliefs can also lead to his or her dismissal.


If you're on a jury, you're probably wondering how much compensation you're entitled to. While the specifics of the compensation depend on your state, most states will reimburse you for any travel expenses. For instance, in Florida, jurors receive $0.56 per mile. In Utah, jurors are compensated $1 per mile. In addition, some states offer subsistence payments, which usually cover one meal. However, it's important to know that federal law does not require employers to pay you for jury service. Even if they do, you're still entitled to employment protections from the federal government.

You're allowed to ask for leave from work for jury service, as long as you have a good reason. The courts understand that some employees may have conflicts with their work. They understand that it's hard to make up time, but you can still make arrangements to accommodate your juror. You may also want to consider hiring a staffing agency to provide temporary employees. Additionally, you can set up a smart time off policy that accommodates jury service.

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