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Human resource department relevance in an organization

The Department of Human Resources has the responsibility and power to maintain the management and employee needs of the company. The aim is to manage ties between staff and to help mitigate costs on behalf of the management. The goal of this paper is to clarify the importance of the human resources department in the company with respect to employee relationships, incentives and setbacks.

 Human resource managers help decrease labor costs, particularly as jobs are low, and job demand reduces their supply, thereby growing salaries. In addition, they promote the settlement of conflicts within the organization by mediation between disputes. Moreover, they are tasked with interpreting organizational policies and procedures while defining appropriate behavior in the workplace. They are also in charge of training, developing, and supporting employee relations and rights.

Those of a contrary opinion argue that human resources implementation is costly, especially when associated with human resources such as employee programs and services. However, Schneider and Bowen (1993) state the most important aspect of human resources is improving organizational structure, which usually reflects on employees and customer. Correlation emerged from survey of employee perceptions practices and procedures conducted in banking industry; it revealed that human resource department facilitates delivery of excellent service from closeness that exists between worker and customer encounters (Schneider & Bowen, 1993).

Conclusively, company without human resources department may have challenges maintaining long-lasting relationships with employees. They will fail to bridge to communication gaps present between workers and management.

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