Human Resource Department of an Organization

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The success of any organization is partially dependent on the strategies that are implemented by the Human Resource Department. In this paper, an assessment will be conducted on the steps that a firm will embrace in strengthening the functions of the HR that will make it easier for it to attain set objectives.

HR business objectives

The HR will focus on hiring skilled and qualified workers that will meet the set goals and objectives of the business. Talented workers will also be a plus to the organization.

The HR will come up with suitable policies and regulations that will serve as guidelines to the workers. Implementation of ethical codes of conduct will help the workers to focus on organizational goals and visions.

The Human Resource department will develop a training program that will be essential in the sharpening of the skills of the employees. The productivity of such employees will improve significantly.

To create a workplace environment that promotes collaboration and engagement through excellent communication. In so doing, job satisfaction levels of the workers will be enhanced.

Core HR activities

Recruitment and staffing

The Human Resource department will be mandated with the role of recruiting highly skilled employees into the organization. The first step in the recruitment process will be to advertise for a vacancy and this will be followed by setting an interview date. During the interview date, recruitments will be done primarily based on merit by the panel.

Employee retention

The HR will carry out regular training programs with the aim of career development for its workers. Moreover, improved compensation packages for all the employees in the company will play an integral role in enhancing retention rates.

Performance management

Performance management is an integral role of the Human Resource. The HR focuses on the performance of their workers and rewards those that show consistency in the way they handle tasks. The employees will be required to report to their managers that will in return provide them with feedback. The HR will come up with a reward and recognition that will meet the needs of the workers, thus serving as a motivation to them.

Objectives of the core activities

To promote collaboration among the workers in the company

Through performance management, the HR will not only improve the performance of the workers but also promote social interaction at the workplace.

To hire skilled and qualified workers

Skilled, talented and qualified employees will be a major component of the organization in that they will contribute to an enhancement in its performance. Such a company will gain a competitive edge over its rivals.

To promote employee engagement

Through various training programs, the company will enhance employee engagement and this will in return contribute to organizational growth and sustainability.

Flow chart for the core activities that are identified

List of HR activities and at least 3 objectives

Training and development of employees

Educate the workers on organizational culture and process, thus aligning them with set goals

To attract and develop the best talent that will in return contribute to enhanced to an increased performance.

To develop knowledge and skills of the employees

Enhanced employee retention

To ensure that the employees are attracted to work in the company without thinking of resigning

To come up with suitable compensation and benefits packages that will contribute to enhanced retention rates

To incorporate inclusivity as a part of the organizational culture and promote enhanced social interactions at the workplace

Improved employee relations

To create a workplace environment where employee will freely interact and where teamwork will be widely applicable

To ensure that all employees get an opportunity to work in a safe environment

To come up with policies that will serve as guideline on how the workers behave in the company

HR department organizational chart

Role profiles of core activities process owners

Human Resource Director

The Human Resource Director will be mandated with the role of ensuring that all the processes in the department are effectively handled and managed.

The director will also play a part in the appointment of the board of directors.

Makes approvals on the proposals that are made by the employees in the department

Provides management direction and promotes collaboration among the workers

Recruitment officer

Makes all the recruitments in the organization and this he does by holding interviews and tests

Provides guidelines on the training programs and career development for the workers

Plays a key role in the promotion of employee relations and engagement

Helps the supervisor in the drafting of compensation and benefit packages

Training and development officer

Manages all the new employee orientations within the company

Comes up with a training and development program and ensure that workers benefit from it

He or she measures the satisfaction levels of the workers and comes up with strategies that will continually boost their morale

The training and development officer is mandated with the role of performance management

Risks that will come along with the activities

There are various risks that the management will have to be wary of in the running of the organization.

Recruitment and staffing

In the quest for the recruitment and hiring of new employees into the organization, risks associated with lack of inclusivity and diversity are likely to occur. Failure by the organization to hire workers from different cultural backgrounds will make it hard for the business to enjoy sustainability.

Retention of workers

Retention of talented employees is a process that requires input from various units within an organization. Failure by the firm to meet the needs of the employees will expose it to the risk of exit and resignations. Low retention rates of talented workers will also contribute to the financial risks.

Training and development of the workers

Training and development programs require support from the entire HR department regarding resources and expertise. Failure by the organization to provide an excellent training platform to its workers will expose them to the risk of redundancy and underperformance.

Estimated budget for the HR


Estimated budget

Training and development


Wages and salaries




Office equipment


Total budget


The estimated annual budget for the project is expected to be $191,000


The move by the HR to hire skilled and qualified workers and offer training and development will contribute to a productive workforce that will contribute to improved organizational performance. The Human Resource office looks forward to bring growth to the firm.

October 30, 2023


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