I Am Sam (Movie Review)

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I Am Sam" is a film about a mentally challenged father and his daughter. Sam struggles with his mental handicap and raises his daughter, Lucy, alone. As Lucy grows older, her intelligence begins to eclipse Sam's. However, a social worker wants to take Lucy away from Sam, threatening their bond. The film depicts the trials and tribulations of raising a child with a mental disability.

Sean Penn

"I Am Sam" is an emotionally gripping drama starring Sean Penn. It's about mentally challenged father Sam Dawson, who is raising his daughter Lucy. As Lucy grows, her intellectual prowess starts to outstrip Sam's, and the bond the two share is threatened by a social worker who wants to put her in foster care. Unfortunately, Sam is forced to make an uncomfortable decision. To save his daughter's life, Sam must confront his past and face the consequences of his current situation.

Michelle Pfeiffer

"I Am Sam" is a film about a mentally-challenged father and his daughter, Lucy. When Lucy starts to outsmart him intellectually, Sam's bond with his daughter is put in jeopardy. Meanwhile, a social worker wants to place Lucy in foster care. While the two try to stay close, Sam's emotional bonds with his daughter become increasingly tested.

Brad Allan Silverman

I Am Sam by Brad Allan Silverman is a comedy about a mentally challenged man who tries to gain custody of his daughter. He works at a Starbucks and earns enough money to pay for his daughter's education, but he's worried that he'll lose custody of his child if he loses the case. The film stars Sean Penn as Sam and Dakota Fanning as his daughter Lucy. The film also stars Joseph Rosenberg and Brad Allan Silverman.

Mentally challenged father

The story of Sam Dawson, a mentally challenged father of a precocious 7-year-old girl, revolves around the custody battle between his daughter, Lucy, and the social worker. Although Sam is capable of raising Lucy, he does not have the mental capacity to be a good father. Lucy is taken away from him by the social worker, but Sam fights for her custody, and a lawyer assists him with his own issues.

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Changing relationship with Rita

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