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The experience of human migration has been marked by a number of pull and push forces that play a critical role in decision-making. Among the reasons are the slave trade, ethnic cleansing, the need for jobs, the need for asylum, the need for work, drug prostitution. In an ideal world, migration is inextricably linked to the human spirit, which drives people to fulfill lifelong goals, experience adventures, and struggle for survival. According to the Rockefeller Foundation Aspen Institute Diaspora Program, over 248 000 Egyptian immigrants resided in the United States in 2013. (RAD 1-2). Therefore, given the scenario of a young Egyptian family contemplating on whether to stay or migrate, it would be advisable for them to leave the country because of the better 

social, economic, and political opportunities offered in other countries.
The problem of unemployment and the overall job security is one primary reason that the family should consider moving out of the country. The problem of unemployment is a big issue in Egypt. The parents need the job to cater for the growing children so the family should migrate out of Egypt for the search of well-paying jobs estimated that, 2-3 million Egyptians are unemployed (Norman 375). Such circumstances should make the young family migrate out of Egypt because the problem of unemployment in Egypt puts the family at a risk of the economic situation. Going away to Europe, North America, or the Middle East will increase chances of the family getting well-paying jobs. Consequently, its good advice for the young family to migrate and go to a country where there is a like hood of getting a permanent job.
Migrating of a young family is one way in which the children will get a quality education. For instance, the children will get a different type of education which is much better than that of Egypt. Considering Africa as whole the level of education is lower compared to the education in other parts of the world. A survey of the refugees settled in the United States revealed that despite the challenges they are facing, they are pleased with the education system that would guarantee them good jobs within the country or in their home countries (Beaman 154). When a young family migrates out of Egypt, it will create an excellent exposure to the children for the quality education that will help them in future. The education system in Egypt is indigent considering the very many challenges that it faces. From poor teaching methodologies and infrastructure (Ramzy and Wahieb 84). It will be of no use to make your child undergo such a poor learning environment and get affected later by failing to get a job in the international job market. So as a young family it will be considered to acquire a good system of education for the children, and this will only be achieved through immigration. 
The living standards of Egypt are too low. Considering other cases of lack of enough peace then it is good for a young family to immigrate. Every human being needs a peaceful place to stay which is away from war and any political and ethnic crisis. Egypt has been in constant political turmoil and terrorism. Many people have died recently due to terror attacks where it is estimated that 662 people lost their lives and 835 injured in 493 terror attacks from some Muslim associated terror groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS (Dudley 1). Political instability has also led to the crisis in the country where many people have died as results of police brutality and moral crisis. A young family may not feel comfortable living in a country that lacks peace. It is advisory for the family to migrate to the country where they will feel the freedom to stay in peace and a place where they will be able to up bring their children in a peaceful environment.
Although it may be hard for a young family to stay permanently in another country, it is advisory to do so. Young family if they legally migrate to another country they should buy property in those countries build and stay there. Considering the economy of those countries then it would be a good idea to invest in those countries. The Economy of Egypt is not suitable for any long investment the effects of corruption, and bad leadership makes it necessary very risky to invest in the country according to the world ranking on economics Egypt takes number 116 out of 140 countries hence showing how low the economy of Egypt (Hassan and Sassanpour 84) is. The young family to succeed economically it is good to migrate to the country of their chose and invest in the country. They should buy property in those countries where they have settled and where they think the economy of that country is stable. If the young family has migrated to the Arabian state where there are good job opportunities and has stable economic, they should make that country their own home country where they can even invite their parents and come and stay with them.
The issue of migration is a right decision for any young Egyptian family, but it comes with challenges.  It is not easy to migrate from your home country and settle in a foreign country with a different culture and social systems. Garrete argues that many immigrants in the United States face a myriad of challenges that make their lives miserable (37). For instance, with the current legislative changes in the country, immigrants without proper documentation are finding it hard to access medical insurance, decent employment, and quality education. On the extreme, citizens of the host country may resent foreigners as was the case in South Africa where xenophobic attacks targeted foreigners. So it is advisable for a young Egyptian family to consider the risks before deciding to migrate out of Egypt.
In conclusion, the young Egyptian family should migrate if they have the opportunity to do so. Considering the many aspects of living that pushes them to leave their home countries, such as inadequate education systems, unemployment, and political instability, the family should seek better opportunities in the developed countries. Evidence shows that the many immigrants living in developed countries such as the United States have relatively decent conditions of living compared to the majority of Egyptian. The average citizens in Egypt have to endure a lot of difficulties to afford a comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, when the chance arises to lead a better life elsewhere, it is wise to take it. Nonetheless, any person moving to a foreign country as an immigrant should be aware that there are many problems facing foreigners, especially Africans.

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