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In-fridge delivery service

The next step of the natural evolution of delivery systems can be in-fridge delivery, as it matches the companies' mission to assist their customers in economizing money and time. It is hard to argue with the advantage of this service of groceries being brought to a customer's home. In-fridge delivery is most suitable for those who are rather busy with work and have no time to buy groceries. In addition to the delivery itself, the new service will also offer unpacking the food and putting it in the fridge, simplifying the whole process for customers to shop, hence saving time and money. Networking and community involvement strategies will be used to approach the target audience, to help support and promote the service. Through the use of this approach, the organization will have the ability to establish new contacts and influence potential customers by either taking part in trade shows, meetings, and communal events. Talking to people about the new service will be done as a way of reaching out to the audience and promoting the in-fridge home service delivery.


April 21, 2021




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College 1st year

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