Industrial Fermentation Process

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Industrial fermentation includes use of microorganisms to produce products that are useful to human. Ethanol is one of the merchandise that are produced in a form of industrial fermentation called manufacturing of extracellular metabolites. In this process of industrial fermentation, production does no longer require the rupture of the cell. This industrial fermentation is referred to as Glycolysis in biological terms. Ethanol is a product that is released after sucrose, fructose and glucose that are meals products is converted to mobile energy producing both ethanol and carbon dioxide. Industrial fermentation makes use of microorganism while aerobic breathing which includes biological techniques such as Glycolysis makes use of oxygen to produce useful products in the body.
However, in the normal industrial production of ethanol sugars from plant are converted to ethanol by the use of yeast (Kaur, 2014). The microorganism converts these sugars in the absence of oxygen to ethanol. Ethanol is used as alcoholic beverage. Therefore, in this process excessive carbon dioxide is produced as a result of failing to use oxygen. The microorganism used here is yeast which are single celled microorganism which aid in the conversion of sugars into ethanol.

The use of microorganisms in fermentation is important in that it produces products that are useful to human beings. Nevertheless, in aerobic respiration the use of oxygen converts all the products of respiration into products that are used up by the plant without helping human beings. Worth noting is the fact that, microorganism use produces excessive carbon dioxide that is harmful to the environment. Aerobic respiration on the other hand ensures that all its products are useful and not harmful to anyone.


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Kaur, H. (2014). Ethanol production by encapsulating S.Cerevisae. Saarbrücken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

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October 26, 2021

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