Inequality In Education: Social Issue

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Unfairness is evident at age 3. Rich children go to kindergarten. Poor children live with their grandparents
Heather Long, the author of the Washington Post article by the age of 3, has strong inequality: the rich children go to school. Poor children have a grandparent to stay with. The article discusses how the pre-school education obtained by rich and poor children varies and how this leads to disparity between the two classes of society.
These gaps appear to establish conflicts between the two social class classes. The already significant disparity between the wealthy and the poor has been broadened by the inequalities. With the those from rich backgrounds attending while those from the poor families staying at home, then it implies that the rich would continue being rich while the poor would continue missing opportunities. Such disparities if not well addressed will contribute to the widening of the social classes in the society since the inequality that normally begins at the kindergarten level lasts forever. The kids left at home end up landing low paying jobs while those who were offered quality education get executive jobs in the country.

In the New York City the most exclusive preschools have very tuition fees of more than $30,000 a year and this is where the rich drop their children every morning. The schools provide elusive services to these children while on the other hand, in the neighborhoods, the poor leave their children at home with a relative or a sit at home lady because they are unable to afford formal preschool or day care fee. With the companies complaining that they are unable to get enough skilled labor, if these children from the poor backgrounds aren’t provided with the proper education, the problem is likely to worsen in the future.

Second article

Gender and sexuality

No one knew about Harvey Weinstein? Give me a break

The article No one knew about Harvey Weinstein? Give me a break by Maureen Callahan addresses how Weinstein, who was a powerful producer in Hollywood, had been a decades-long sexual predator and yet people who knew about his behavior decided to keep quiet. According to Maureen, people in the company were aware but because of the fear of hurting the company revenues, remained mum.

Though even investigative journalists had been aware of Weinstein’s behavior, those who tried to do their stories were either not allowed to print them or were threatened. For instance, the author asserts that a veteran Hollywood journalist Kim Masters wrote about a confrontation that she had with Weinstein 20 years ago, another reporter, Sharon Waxman claimed that she wanted to break the story in 2004, but due to the influence of Weinstein and others who defended him, her story was buried and never appeared. There also a couple of whom Weinstein bribed so as not to expose his bad behavior towards women.

Such actions by Weinstein reveal how female gender has been mistreated and the lack of respect to the female sexuality in the society. Weinstein had been using the power of his resources and authority to take advantage of the vulnerable women. The Weinstein case is just a tip of iceberg as millions of women tend to suffer silently due to their sexuality, a phenomenon they have no control on. In workplaces, they are threatened to be sacked if they repeal. Therefore, the predator behavior, as we have discussed in class, is a big social issue that needs to be addressed collectively by the society. The participation of the whole society would ensure that those who have such behavior are exposed and no one defends them. Such an approach would work in ensuring women are respected.

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December 15, 2021


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