Inequality of Media Opportunities

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This completely bears weight to the discussion of the effects of Miss Representation on the female gender in the mainstream media, but as visionary film producer Jennifer Siebel Newsom pointed out, delineating women as instruments, esteeming them only for their childhood, magnificence, and sexuality, can result in the concealment of those who are rendered voiceless. This, in turn, prevents them from realizing their full potential to the detriment of themselves, our democratic culture, and civilization. The issue itself is foundational, underscored by the way that women are incomprehensibly under-spoken to in the top positions inside the media business itself, in a corporate culture driven by the sponsors and profits accrued. It is a socially and financially convoluted situation with no basic arrangements (Adcock 137). Gratefully, the film presents a plentiful dosage of training, motivation, and expectation by giving tips, assets and a social activity battle through the Miss Representation, and in addition, an instructive educational programs for schools to help the youth end up plainly more media proficient.

The trust in the drive for change will start if all of the concerned parties cope with the terms that all individuals are equal; as well as that, the male chauvinists should not be compelled to stop demeaning the female gender. The negative portrayal of the female gender should be dealt with, through encompassing of both parties. This adverse depiction of women has created a bad perception to the young females that their body can be used for different purposes, as viewed in the media. They are falling into beliefs that they are incapable of having qualities that can be regarded properly in the society; sometimes it is hard to see and realize how it deceptively and subliminally influences the general quality of our life, ourselves, our friends and family, and the whole world.

Amid the film, in the profoundly identified with the individual story of Jennifer Siebel Newsom, whose personal experience as a young woman included low confidence, dietary problems and an episode of rape. What's more, I associated with female parents of little girls, as we felt much more energetically dedicated to needing both their present and future to appear as something else. The media with its widespread coverage continuously has been able to reduce the worth of a woman, and in its glare portray a significant age of the female to be the most defined image of the entire gender. This specific age of the women is pampered with lots of praises; this will later be demeaned when the woman figure is attained. Low self-esteem is evident in this category of female population, they are always in denial of their beauty, and this has left them to try and modify their image (Adcock 141). In addition, that is eventually, toward the day's end, we will have a superior media framework, we will have a more valuable culture, and we will have a socially beneficial country, once we have the women speaking out, talking their brains, and recounting their stories (Gill 9).

While the lion's share of the media correspondence may not be obscene, it echoes many quieted shapes of the transcendent topics of the explicit entertainment: sex, savagery, and male dominance over the female. As we have seen, these same themes saturate the part of the media that is a piece of our everyday lives, which largely depict men as overwhelming in number, status, power, and will. Considerable savagery toward women accentuates films, TV, and music, with youngsters' modifying the rock music, and music-recordings, desensitizing men and women alike to the unnaturalness and unsatisfactory quality of power and mercilessness between the people (Adcock 153). Accordingly, the exploration that exhibits associations between sex-cliché media and acknowledgment of sexual savagery is steady with those indicating connections between more outrageous, explicit media, and acknowledgment of and utilization of brutality.

The role of ethics has been replaced by the agenda being propelled in the media, for individuals to perceive these actions undertaken by the society and influential individuals; this is termed to be the one to shape the morals. While it has taken, time for the women to come out and start to address this issue of Miss Representation. Their image has been tainted for a longer duration. The ethical aspect is right in front of our eyes, yet we tend to avoid it, because of the fear of the unknown. According to Gill (22), the outspoken individuals have started to engage in this discussion to try and enlighten the population about the need for women to appreciate themselves and avoid the backlash. Females have occasionally been criticized for the empowerment and eventuality courtesy of the male gender approval. The case should be led through determination and continuous effort to drive their agendas and goals in a careful and planned manner, so that there will be much more appreciation and self-recognition without any favors from the male gender.

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August 18, 2021

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