Informal and Formal Writing

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Formal and informal writing, as well as language, are distinct, as are the purposes for which they are used. In the two writing types, the tone, word usage, and how they (words) are aligned in a sentence differ. In a nutshell, a formal tone is less intimate than a casual tone. A formal tone is more often used in scholarly or academic writing. This article uses the same case scenario to examine the differences in tone between formal and informal writing: I addressed to an acquaintance, (ii) addressed to a senior individual or supervisor.
Task I: Informal Tone Writing
A Proposal to Install New Lighting and Dustbins in the Lecture Halls
I write this letter to complain of some few problems in some of our lecture halls. The problems are inadequate lighting or not working lighting in our halls. There are also no or ineffective dustbins in the lecture halls. Students and the lecturers are more often frustrated because sometimes it is difficult to extend lectures later in the evening or even early morning. The cleaners have complained of littered halls, making it hard for them to clean the halls in time for classes. The students don’t have a working dustbin and hence they are left with no option other than dropping litter all over the floor. Am sure you being our representative there is much you can do to help with this. More so, why did we elect you to represent us?

When we are in session, the lecture halls are visited almost every hour either by ongoing assigned lectures or by students who wants to do their private studies. Taking for example a lecture hall that has 8 hrs. Occupied, it means of evening the class will more littered which means more work for the cleaners. With some of the classrooms with ineffective or not working lighting, the halls can only be used partly during the day. You agree with me this denied a good number of students who may want to take evening study away from the library. With this trend am sure you have noted that, lesser and lesser students are interested in conducting more researches and class work within their classes.

The current situation of the classes and the dustbins is unlikable. The classes are in dire need of immediate action as you and I can’t call this the best classroom to be in. Am sure as the student repetitive, the situation doesn’t paint a good image of the school and in different capacities, you may like to see a change in the situation. The TV halls can’t be left behind as their situation is in dire need of rehabilitation. I would propose as the student representative makes use of your office and change this mess. The class should be more habitable in terms of cleanliness and lighting, which am sure it will encourage more students to take more time in their studies.

I propose that, you push for class renovations in terms of lighting and installation of new dustbins. This not only would it provide the college with the habitable environment for the students, but also give the cleaners un-easy job while tidying up the lecture halls. Make sure the administrators improve the situation or else the students will force them to. More so, with the installation of new lighting and dustbin, would be an awesome way to make students happy. The student body will benefit not to mention understanding the role of college student leaders. Being the start of the semester, I am sure the renovations and the installations would be ideal in making the semester a success both for the lecturers and the students.

Task II: Formal Tone Writing

The current state of some of the classes in the university has been found wanting. As the student leader, I am writing this message to the overall college principle to help in improving the school environment. The successful school environment is one of the determining factors behind every successful institution. More so, when it comes to classroom, hostels among other key areas that are daily used by both the lectures and the students. The complainant has been raised by the students through their faculty leaders concerning the state of the classrooms.

The main problems affecting both students and lectures are poor or no lighting in the classes. These classes has in turn reduced the number of hours they can be used for classes or by students for private study. In addition, the unavailability of dustbins, as well as faulty ones in the classes has been a menace to the cleaners, as well as being an unhealthy habitat for students and lecturers to conduct their daily classroom business. The problem at hand, that means if the college would be required to hold classes late in the evening, or early morning, it would be difficult to do so, as some of the lecture halls have no lights. The increasing demand for improved lecture delivery in classes has led to the college administration planning to adopt improved audio and visual equipment’s for the lecture halls. However, with the current situation of the halls, it means the plan would not be executed until the current lighting situation is solved.

In addition to the lighting problem in the classes, there is also the issue of dustbins, whereby some lecture halls do not have working dustbins or if there is one it is either faulty or not in use. One of the key determinant of a positive learning environment is that, it should be clean all day through. This is unlike the case with our college, especially the halls, with the problem being exaggerated by the faulty dustbins in the halls. The current situation of the halls is defined by litters all over the floor, a situation that is giving the cleaners hard time. Not does installation of new dustbins makes it easier for cleaning the halls, but also makes it possible for the halls remain tidy all day long.

In conclusion, in an effort to change the college environment, it would take the overall efforts of the college administrators, students and lectures. Once the current lecture halls situation is changing for the better, it will give the college a good image, not to mention making the classroom more pleasing and habitable for classes and private studies. Installation of new lightings and dustbins would be an effective way towards improving the school environment.

December 15, 2021

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