Injuries are increasingly becoming a greater inhibitor for many athletes

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Injuries are rapidly becoming a significant inhibitor for many athletes, which hinders their success in sports and inhibits their ability to optimize their talent in sports. Athletes who are also susceptible to injuries appear to have poor standards of professional success and are unable to fulfill and live up to their athletic responsibilities. This paper addresses how the skills of a future competitor are diminished by injuries and what needs to be achieved to ensure that accidents are not threats to the growth of athletic talent. Basketball is one of the most respected sports within the United States of America. The NFL league is one of the most followed leagues throughout the world. The league is heightened in mainstream media channels and the athletes who get to shine in the league often gain a celebrity status. However, there is a forgotten lot in the sports league who do not get urgent attention since they are bogged down by the accidents that they acquire through sports.

Therefore, there is need to ensure that medical care in provided to the future athletes as is the case with the professional athletes. Maintaining competitiveness in the major sports leagues calls for the development and nurturing of the emerging talents. The emerging talents are often found in schools where students do not have adequate access to quality healthcare. The major parts of the body that are often prone to accidents are knees and the ankles. Therefore, there is need to propose a medical insurance program for the emerging athletes that is subsidized by the sports federations to ensure that athletes to dot wish away their talent owing to accidents and injuries that could be treated.

October 12, 2022

Health Life Psychology

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Injury Accident Development

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