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Employees benefit from health care because it is an important component of their pay program and is often mandated by statute (Haugen, 2012). It serves to shield the employee from the many potential dangers of the work and also assures that their salary is covered from unpredictable and sometimes large healthcare expenditures. Furthermore, receiving health insurance from one's boss makes it possible to pay for it when it is deducted at the source, reducing the risk of forgetting. Additionally, it is important to obtain insurance cover from the employer since he is in a position to conduct the necessary research and come up with the optimal scheme for the employee pay grade which takes a huge load off the employee’s shoulders. Finally, health insurance of this nature ca be treated as a deduction while calculating tax and thus reducing the tax burden on the employee as well as the employer (Haugen, 2012).

Yes, I have access to health care insurance from my employer currently. From the employer’s perspective, health care insurance is shall eventually become a requirement that every employer shall be obliged to provide for the employee. This is informed by the current trends in the healthcare insurance sector such as the vicious attempts by the Obamacare to include as many employees as possible in the scheme. From the employee’s perspective, the future of healthcare insurance is promising as the government seeks to provide subsidized insurance schemes and keep rogue insurance agents out to exploit employee in check.

I am optimistic about the future of health care insurance because of the potential improvement in employer-employee working relationship which will, in turn, lead to improved quality of services and production as a whole giving an assurance of perpetual continuity. The businesses shall get accustomed to providing health insurance for employees and capitalize on its advantages to increase productivity and motivation at the workplace.


Haugen, D. (2012). Health care. Farmington Hills, Michigan: Greenhaven Press.

October 25, 2022

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