Internet and its Benefits for me

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The Internet has a significant impact on how people think in the digital world, as well as how they perceive events in their surroundings. Secondly, the use of the Internet leads me to believe that humanity has not fully utilized the available chances to launch new means of addressing the difficulties that humanity faces. For example, I currently believe or believe that every difficulty I confront has a solution. As a result, I turn to the internet to find information on the problem that I face on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Internet leads me to believe that there is no need for actual interaction because people can do many transactions without physically meeting. Today, one can use various platforms that are available on the Internet to communicate with other people.

My ability to socially interact with other individuals in the society is significantly deteriorating due to high dependency on the Internet for communication or interaction with friends and family members. Like many society members, I spend most of my time communicating through the social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, among other social sites. Subsequently, it is challenging to examine the emotions of other people through their body movements. I also consider that the Internet reduces my comprehension of my immediate surrounding due to me spending most of my free time reading the articles on the web, and hence feeling that I have lost contact with my immediate surroundings.

Finally, the Internet has reduced my capacity to be engaged in intensive brainstorming to address some of the issues that I encounter. The low capability to brainstorm has resulted from the fact that the Internet has information from various fields, then, I only need to browse the internet to retrieve some important details I need. Therefore, I think my intuition has critically decreased and my levels of success in some of the activities I undertake significantly depend on the use of the Internet.

May 17, 2023
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