Internship in accounting

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Often accounting companies search for unique characteristics of individuals that they may incorporate into their organization to give it a comparative advantage over potential rivals. The internship program assists institutions in identifying prospective possible applicants that can elevate the company's standing. Throughout my internship, my accounting skills would be very useful. I would be able to apply the basic theoretical insights I gained through my tertiary studies. The principles would be useful in the sense that I will be able to use them in the field to find solutions to various problems. Management organization is one of the topics that I will need to ensure I am well organized and able to present the assigned tasks within the specific timeframes. Additionally, management economics helps me understand the hierarchy of administration and will ease the delegation of duties. Therefore, through the study of management accounting, I will be able to know how to prioritize activities in their specific fields.

Accounting for decision making is also an important pillar during my internship period. The topic highlights the major things to consider before making any hurried decision in the organization. Through the application of the theories and using mathematical interpretations, I can easily substantiate the type of decision that should be taken by the institution ultimately reducing the margin of error. Additionally, my diverse knowledge in advanced auditing will provide me the knowledge to identify discrepancies in the book entries and also scheme ways I can improve the cash flows. Conclusively, applying all these concepts I believe I will learn and become practical through my internship period.

August 18, 2021

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