interview questionnaire of an executive

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What would you say for yourself as a director? What kind of a leader do you consider yourself to be in the eyes of the organization's employees? Can you believe you are steering the business in the right direction?

What have you accomplished so far in the company? Which of these accomplishments do you value the most in comparison to the company's goals?

What global agency would you prefer if you were offered the chance to work for? Why is this so?

Which global leader do you most admire? In what ways does he/she inspire you?

What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do they affect your performance as the head of the company?

Do you think that you inspire your employees in any way? How?

If you were to choose one of your employees to replace you in your position, what criteria would you use to come up with the best fit candidate? (Friesen, 2010). Do you think the criteria would give the best results? Why?

How have the global management trends affected the management in the existing organizations?

What is the mission statement, core values and the vision of the company? Have they changed since they were developed?

How does the company develop its strategies? Does it meet all these strategies within the stipulated time?

How have the emerging global trends affected the company? How is the company ensuring that the negative impacts on it are minimal?

What do you consider as the strengths of your company?

Between your company and its competitors, which one do you consider superior? Why?


Friesen, B. K. (2010). Designing and conducting your first interview project (Vol. 17). John Wiley & Sons.

November 17, 2022

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