Introduction to Research Methods

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In the analysis

Xavier used two independent variables and two moderating variables. Visual and auditory product placements are examples of independent variables. Conversely, the moderating factors include a high involvement product, boots, and a low involvement product, a candy bar. In the analysis, Xavier influenced the moderating variable and the independent variable in a variety of ways. He exploited separate factors, auditory, and visual product placement, by displaying visual product placement in two of the groups' films and auditory product placement in the other two groups' video. On the other hand, he manipulated the moderating variables by having one visual product placement clip with low involvement and another with high involvement. He repeated the same procedure for the auditory clips. As such, he manipulates both the moderating variable and the independent variable.

Xavier's manipulation check involvement

Xavier did these in order to check the consistency of all the responses. He added the manipulation check involvement to monitor the varying magnitude of the choices made on the basis of the questions that introduce the scale (Sekaran and Roger 99). It is possible for Xavier to examine the extent to which the treatment influenced the effect by measuring the level of knowledge of the groups prior and after manipulation. Xavier looks forward to ensuring that the magnitude of involvement with the products is consistent across the groups from the pretest (Bryman and Emma 55). Such information will help him to avoid bias on one of the groups viewing one of the films hence causing a considerable shift in the amount of engagement they felt with a particular product in the movie.

Works Cited

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December 08, 2022

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