Iron Jawed Angels Movie Review

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This historical drama is a rambling one, but Hilary Swank gives an excellent performance as rabble-rousing founder of the Women's National Party, Alice Paul. Though a rabble-rouser, Paul fought for women's rights her entire life and twice fought to get the 19th Amendment passed. The film's message of progressive American courage is worthy of a wider audience, and despite the movie's somewhat dull commentary track, the movie is still worth watching.

The film follows the life and struggles of the early twentieth century woman suffragist, Alice Paul, who used hunger strikes to make her point and ultimately win the vote for women. Iron Jawed Angels is part of RIT's centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment, which grants women the right to vote. This powerful story will leave audiences inspired and educated.

The film begins in 1912 in Philadelphia, where the characters meet Carrie Chapman Catt, Lucy Burns, and Anna Howard Shaw. They soon begin to discuss their hopes for suffrage. Their meeting sparks a conflict between passion and reason. Paul and Catt end up in an unlikely alliance and the story of their friendship grows ever more compelling.

Iron Jawed Angels is a fictionalized account of the lives of suffragists. This movie was made to appeal to a new audience interested in women's rights. It uses experimental editing and modern music to make its point. The film shows the hatred and animosity that many suffragists experienced. However, this film does not present any clear answers as to why this film is a good historical account.

This movie attempts to reinvent the image of the suffragists by focusing on the racial prejudices of the era and suffragists' actions. However, it also shows the real struggles and triumphs of this movement. In fact, the film shows the real challenges and societal barriers that women faced in the 1920s. For instance, the movie portrays the bitter hatred and animosity of suffragists by depicting Paul's imprisonment and subsequent mental ward treatment. The movie also acknowledges the racial tensions between African American activists and white suffragists. The conflict between Paul and a black suffragist delegation during a Washington, DC parade is also highlighted.

Female friendship has long been defined in relation to men, and is often portrayed as a threat to patriarchy. In the classic film Gone With the Wind, the female characters rely on their friendships to survive the Civil War. While Mellie is the true strong half of the marriage, Scarlett represents the illusion of love. A woman's friendship can be just as important to her survival as her partner's is to her.

As the story of the Iron Jawed Angels unfolds, we discover that women have an important place in history. The role of female friendship in history is emphasized throughout the film. Iron Jawed Angels has several issues, including the romantic element. For one, the movie suggests that Alice Paul and Lucy Burns had a close friendship in real life. The two women were considered abrasive by their peers, so Lucy was forced to act as her mediator. Another issue is the film's characterization of Alice Paul and her relationship with reporter Patrick Dempsey. In this way, the movie romanticizes Alice Paul, showing her in the bath after standing at the White House picket line.

The production of the film Iron Jawed Angels is a clear attempt to introduce a younger audience to the history of women's suffrage. While the movie features attractive feminists who engage in forced feeding with rubber tubes and metal clamps, they are not the only representations of the period. These characters are also a far cry from the more moderate National American Woman Suffrage Association, headed by Anjelica Huston. Von Garnier is one of four screenwriters, three of whom are women, and they do a decent job.

The film's production values are admirable, but some aspects are lacking. The costumes are revealing and cut far more sharply than period styles. While this might have been done to appeal to a younger audience, these choices also make the film more racy. Anachronism was also an issue in the retelling of Shakespeare's Richard III, which was set in the 1930s during the rise of Nazism. The movie is also full of false moments and sounds.

June 27, 2022


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