Is dating a married man proper?

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The eighth commandment of God's Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not commit adultery." God himself is opposed to adultery. However, certain people, both men, and women have broken God's rule in order to satisfy their lustful impulses by marrying a married person or dating someone other than their partner. Nobody expects a woman to date a married man; often people fall in love with the wrong guy.

Infidelity is on the rise in today's society; about 30% to 60% of adults would lie at some stage during their marriage. And both of their relationships terminate in divorce. Infidelity is encouraged when a single woman dates a married man. Statistics show that married men cheat at a rate of twenty-five percent and seventy-two percent (Brown, 2001). Affairs happen due to many reasons, but the main reason is relationship disaffection and discontentment. Some of the reasons people engage in affairs is a lack of self-esteem, lack of emotions, sex addiction, financial opportunities, and depression.

This paper will investigate the reasons why it is not right to date a married man. Especially because it is a waste of time, time is precious don’t waste it, the man will not and can never commit his future to you, and you are being his co-conspirator in destroying another woman’s house. The guilt after is so overwhelming, you will be lying to yourself if you expect a happy ending. He is just using you, and he does not respect his wife and neither will he respect you. The paper will look into specific reasons why women should never date a man who is married.

It is not proper for a woman who is wise to date a married man. His first prime concern will be his wife and children back at home. He will spoil you yes, expensive gifts, holidays at your dream resort and splendid emotional times in bed at your favorite hotel but at the end of the day, he is going back to his wife, leaving you all alone (Goulston, 2009). His numerous promises will never come true, he tells you that he will file for a divorce, and never keeps his words. In short “he wants to have his cake and eat it, too.” Your relationship is a secret, and you need to be careful with that fact. Sharing the details with your friends and family like you could in a normal relationship is never an option. You then begin to detach yourself away from people who are likely to judge you. Famous actress Angelina Jolie dated a married man, Brad Pitt which led to his divorce. They got married, but again the marriage did not last as Brad cheated again.

The man is only using you to satisfy his sexual needs, and you are his entertainment object. Most men enjoy having an intimate relationship with women outside married because they do not appropriately take care of them in bed. He demands sexual favors that are so disrespectful that he knows he can never dare ask from his conservative wife (Schonshary, 2012). Married men are afraid to confront problems in their marriages and will find another woman to comfort them when they need it.

This kind of lifestyle creates an overwhelming state of guilt. You are guilty of the suffering the other woman is going through, the pain, the heartbreak everything (Mammalet, 2015). Those young children who are going to grow up probably without a father are all on your head. This is all due to their selfish and desperate endeavors to have an emotional and lustful relationship. You end up destroying someone’s life. “Do not be deceived: bad company ruins good morals” 1 Corinthians the Bible (1 Cor 15:33 New International Version) shows that this act is immoral and unethical.

It is a waste of time to try desperately without considerations to put your foundation stone to a ground which does not belong to you. This is an act which portrays a lack of self-esteem. Instead of searching for your world you is busy covering yourself in a small city which already has an administrator. What God brought together can never be separated unless you are trying to outdo God which is tremendously impossible. Your eyes are covered, and you are enjoying the pleasures in every means by the time you realize it it’s too late for you to even start a home for yourself. That is when it wallops you that your life is a waste. When the man finally gets caught by his wife, he will try to put all the blame on you so as not to take the fall (Ivory, 2004).

Accepting to be his other woman is not worth it. The society will never understand that you are the victim they will portray you as the felon. "When falling in love take your brain with you." Scale measure if all the sufferings and heartbreaks are necessary. Put yourself on the other woman’s shoes it is painful to be cheated on. Affairs end relationships it is morally wrong to hurt another person intentionally. If you realize you have been dating a married man probably because he did not tell you, immediately walk out of and make peace with God.


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October 25, 2022
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