It is of great importance for employees, if AT&T Company adopts the FMLA.

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It is important for workers if AT&T Company implements the FMLA. One of the FMLA's primary goals is to balance employees' family interests with those of the workplace. The Act allows an employee to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave in every 12 month period to deal with a major health condition affecting the employee, partner, father, fetus, or maternity, or to care for a new baby.

As a result, adopting AT & T will protect workers who have been with the company for more than a year. The American Labor Department is allowed to investigate and provide remedies to FMLA harassment complaints (Miller et al 556). 3. OppositionEmployers firmly oppose the implementation of this act in their organization.

Employers argue that medical and family leave is not appropriate subject to be dressed by the government since it entails social issues that are effectively managed by organization’s managers. By government intervention in the medical and family leaves, employers face hardships in legislation by getting it difficult to determine how to administer leave and avoid employee abuse.

Refuting point:

Employers cannot dismiss the FMLA based on broad legislation hardships. This is due to the factor that the act requires employees to provide a 30 day notice in advance. Therefore, this provides enough time for a legislator to make necessary preparations regarding the roles assigned to the employee on leave.

4. Employers also argue that adapting to the act necessitates employers to make payments for employees’ health care maintenance, increased hiring of temporary replacement workers or overpaying and overworking workers as well as turning down businesses and legal fees concerning employee FMLA disputes(Miller et al 556).

Refuting Claim,

However, with respect to a 1997 study, Human Resource management society found that only 25 percent of organizations claimed to have incurred any additional cost after the adoption of FMLA.

5. Supporting paragraph FMLA guarantees employee that they will have their jobs backs after taking a leave due to medical and family health concerns. It offers job protections to employees hence are able to take part in other significant family issues.

6. Support paragraph

Since the implementation of the FMLA act in 1993, The American community have shown fully support to the act which is an indication of its great significance to the American workers.

According to a several public studies, support of the FMLA act has consistently increased over the centuries from 60% to 82%. 7. Conclusion

Therefore, it is of great importance for AT & T to adopt FMLA to ensure employees are protected abuse. By implementing the act, employees shall manage to deal with their issues, cater for their families peacefully without the fear of losing their jobs.

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