Johnson's Criticism of the Declaration of Independence

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When reading the Declaration of Independence

One can note that it is a moral document that fostered the revolution. This document outlined what was morally right to be practiced by other members of the society. The assertion is evidenced by adoption of this document by abolitionists that called for abolition of slavery. The same document influenced the writing of the Constitution that would guide the conduct of leaders as well as protect the rights of the people. For instance, the Declaration of Independence led to the Bill of Rights to protect the liberty as well as the sovereignty of the people as demonstrated by the call of equality. Moreover, its emphasis on the practice of equality led to the abolition of slavery as it was considered a violation of human right.

Taxation no Tyranny: Question 1

Johnson asserts that the colonists are calling for greater self-confidence whereas they caused harm to the people as well as the countries that they colonized. He believes that their contributions to the colonized countries were insignificant to accord them or any person from their lineage any special treatment. According to him, the descendants of colonists are not entitled to life in addition to property and liberty as they claim. He argues that the colonists left the country and not specific benefits for their descendants. Similarly, he argues that the leadership contributions of colonists were influential in their time but currently other minds other than those that descended from colonists provide the required leadership. According to Johnson, it is imperative for the descendants of colonists to enjoy the protection by the law in addition to obeying the law because that is what was left for them to inherit.

November 13, 2023

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