JP Morgan Biography

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When it comes to a J.P. Morgan biography, you can read about the businessman's many accomplishments and controversy. As the founder of the Northern Securities railroad company, he was deemed to be illegal under federal antitrust law. His company was subject to congressional investigation when it attempted to control the financial market. After this incident, U.S. Steel was forced to break up its monopoly. The businessman's testimony was widely circulated and was a huge deal.

After his father's death, Morgan's career took another turn. His firm merged the Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Company. He also acquired a significant art collection and exponentially expanded it. During his lifetime, Morgan was active in the Episcopal Church and was an important leader. In addition to his business accomplishments, he was a passionate art collector. His collection of valuable works of art increased by nearly three hundred times.

The prestigious financial institution was named after him. The Morgan family enjoyed a long history in Houston. The company was founded in 1866, and in 1927 they constructed a giant skyscraper that serves as the company's headquarters today. In 1913, J.P. Morgan died in Rome, Italy, of natural causes. The New York Stock Exchange was closed on the day of his funeral. His family and his bank continue to thrive.

One of the most well-known "Robber Barons" in history, J.P. Morgan was not only a powerful businessman, but also a highly intelligent man. His entrepreneurial instincts led him to buy coffee for local merchants and sell it to a profit. In addition to his business accomplishments, Morgan had an interest in the arts and was a keen student of literature. As a young man, Morgan attended the University of Gottingen, Germany, and became a clerk for the firm. His father was an accomplished banker and sent Morgan on research missions to gather data on cotton trade.

John Pierpont Morgan was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1837. He was the son of a prominent New England family. His father, Junius Spencer Morgan, founded Aetna Insurance Company and his brother, Junius Pierpont Morgan, was a business partner in a successful dry goods firm. His parents raised him to be a successful businessman, and his parents made sure that he had a good education. His education included a number of public schools and private institutions, and he passed the entrance exam to the English High School in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Learn more about J.P. Morgan, a legendary businessman. His early life was shaped by his father's influence and determination. His father molded him into a financial genius and inspired him to follow in his footsteps. His legacy is a renowned art collection and a company that remains a financial powerhouse today. You can also learn about his history and the impact he had on the financial world. There are several exercises and practice tests in his J.P. Morgan biography that you may want to take.

June 14, 2022

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