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The film, directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody, tells Juno MacGuff, a 16-year-old girl who discovers she is pregnant after sleeping with her best friend Paulie Bleeker once on a chair (Tarancón, 2012). Juno tries to terminate the pregnancy because she is not ready to have a child, but she reconsiders after meeting an anti-abortion classmate on her way to the clinic. Juno, on the other hand, decided to position the baby for adoption after giving birth. Juno later informs her parents, Mac and Bren, her stepmother and also tells them that she has already found a couple who are ready to adopt the child. Her dad then accompanies her to the couple Mark, and Vanessa Loring who cannot have their children and Juno is seen to have liked them especially Mark (Tarancón, 2012). Through winter and summer Juno’s pregnancy grows, and she experiences the reactions from her friends in school about her pregnancy and also the broken relationship between her and Paulie although they were in contact. Juno is also seen visiting the Lorings even though Vanessa was not around because she was doing preparations for the baby’s arrival. Juno and Mark are seen hanging out together, dancing and listening to music and relationships were getting more in-depth, but nothing happened eventually. Juno gets shocked when she realizes that Mark is divorcing Vanessa because she does not want her baby to suffer separation her. Juno them goes to seek advice from her father which eventually lead to her getting back in Paulie because Juno discovered that Paulie loves her for who she is even if she is pregnant (Tarancón, 2012). Vanessa adopted Juno’s baby also if Mark left her and Juno got back with Paulie and is seen happy as summer approaches when she carries her guitar on her back riding a bicycle to Paulie,s place which is waiting to play the songs with her beloved on a gorgeous summer day (Tarancón, 2012).
Teen pregnancy
The movie’s central concept is teen pregnancy (Tarancón, 2012). Juno gets pregnant when she is sixteen years old high school girl. However, she must deal with the consequences of her act from the beginning of the narrative to the end (Reitman et al., 2008). The movie does not interpret teen pregnancy has an immoral thing but portrays it has a real something that happens in the society from time to time. Therefore the writer of the film Diablo Cody tells the world not to glorify or demonize the act; instead, the nation should find methods of how to deal with the situations around teen pregnancy. Diablo has demonstrated how a community should react to such situations by describing how Juno has endured her pregnancy situation and the consequences following the pregnancy like reactions from peers.
Juno did not abort the baby but instead placed the baby for adoption, this decision has Diablo put is technical, and even adults can find it hard to make. Diablo has tried to advice young girls who get pregnant mistakenly not to consider abortion as a solution (Tarancón, 2012). But instead, deal with the pregnancy and look for other alternatives like Juno’s choice of adopting the baby to foster parents. Juno’s parents despite being disappointed about their daughter’s news, they were very supportive, and her dad is seen taking Juno to visit the home where she will leave her child for adoption. Parents should support their children even if the children have disappointed them to avoid the children from making wrong choices like the way MacGaff and her wife have supported their daughter Juno (Reitman et al., 2008). Juno had managed to live a healthy life despite the circumstances she was encountering when in school from mates who were mocking her, the broken relationships with Paulie and her teen pregnancy. In that manner, Diablo has educated the society and gave the social experience of what is like to do the right thing in the best way possible and still live a good life as a pregnant teenager (Reitman et al., 2008).
Juno was separated from her mother when her mother abandoned her (Tarancón, 2012). Her mother separated with her father. Hence, Mac married another woman. Juno’s mother has been her ghost; she has been sending Juno cactus every year as the only point of connection, therefore, making Juno take some medications to help her psychologically. If Juno’s mother was there for her, she could not have got pregnant because her mother would have advised her of the incident (Tarancón, 2012). A separation between parents can jeopardize the behavior of the children because children need the care of both parents. Juno also separated herself from Paulie after learning that she was pregnant with him (Reitman et al., 2008). She wanted to make her own decisions, and she also felt that she did not love Paulie. But later she realized that Paulie loved her for who she is despite her being pregnant. Diablo when writing the film was trying to advise parents not part because their decision would affect the children in future. Children may engage in an abnormal behavior because there is nobody to care for them and to give then guidance whenever they need the advice.Separation is seen between the future foster parents of Juno’s baby Mark and Vanessa Loring because of their different preferences and lifestyle. Mark is into music and loves horror movies. He is also not ready to be a father he fills that he should be a rock star (Reitman et al., 2008). Vanessa treats him like an immature adult who does not think of the future. Mark also loves hanging out with Juno which shows that he loves young ladies who are full of life (Reitman et al., 2008). Vanessa, on the other hand, is an uptight lady who wants to be a mother at all costs. At one time when Mark was dancing, he told Juno that he intends to divorce Vanessa. Vanessa was distraught with the news because she did not want her baby to bring up like her. Through Juno’s reaction, the writer is telling the society that single parenting in the name of divorce or separation is not healthy for children’s upbringing. Despite the parting, Vanessa still went ahead and adopted the child, and she is seen extremely happy and contented (Tarancón, 2012).
The film portrays the concept of abortion as good chance to save the life of dying child and also giving people who cannot bear children to have a chance of becoming parents (Tarancón, 2012). After Juno discovers that she is pregnant, she decides to abort the baby because she is not ready to become a mother. She then meets her classmate who is campaigning to against abortion around the clinic where she went to have an abortion (Reitman et al., 2008). After a conversation with the classmate, Juno then decided to abort the child but instead give the child for abortion (Reitman et al., 2008). The life of the unborn child was saved after Juno changed her mind. However, because Juno loves the baby, she would not like the baby to be adopted in an unstable household. Thus she takes the initiative to find a good family for her baby where she meets the Lorings. Mark and Vanessa Loring are unable to have children. Therefore, they advertised to an adoption activity where Juno meets them. But it is only Vanessa who wants the baby; Mark is not ready to be a father and later divorces Vanessa.When Juno realized that Vanessa and Mark were going to divorce, she felt very sad because she did not want her baby to suffer separation she did with her mother. Adoption was to give her baby a good life and a chance to have a complete loving family. Vanessa later in the movie still goes ahead with the adoption even though Mark left her for another woman and she is seen delighted with the child. Diablo has advice the young teenagers who are pregnant to instead put their babies for adoption instead of aborting them because there people out there who want children but are unable to have the children.
Father/daughter relationship
The relationship between Juno and her dad was pleasant and fruitful. Mac supported her daughter even though he was not happy with the pregnancy and did not expect that kind of news (Tarancón, 2012). He took Juno to see the foster parents who were going to adopt Juno’s baby after giving birth. Mac also advised Juno on matters of the heart which later resulted in Juno realizing that Paulie was the one for her. Hence, she got back with him. If the children trust their parents, they will freely state their problems and get help (Tarancón, 2012).
Reitman has used colors to portray different concepts throughout the film especially the cloths of characters (Tarancón, 2012). The shot was Juno stand near the armchair, and she wears a red hood while Leah wears a blue one hence portraying the difference in the personalities of the young girls. In the pregnancy situations, Juno wears brown shades and green cloths (Tarancón, 2012). The director uses the colors to highlight the effects of pregnancy to Juno. The movie is a good one for teenagers and parents because they can see how problems are solved without putting fights with affected persons. But the question is why Juno still went ahead with the adoption while they got together with Bleeker and Vanessa and Mark separated. Juno did not want her child to be adopted in a single parent family but still went ahead and gave the child to Vanessa. Mac could have helped her daughter raise her child, but he has supported her.

Reitman, J., Page, E., Cera, M., Garner, J., Bateman, J., Janney, A., Simmons, J. K., ... Mr. Mudd (Firm). (2008). Juno.
Tarancón, J. A. (2012). Juno (Jason Reitman, 2007): A practical case study of teens, film and cultural studies. Cultural Studies, 26(4), 442-468.

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