Kindness without aim

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The world today is too cruel and brutal for all. Just because someone isn't facing the same struggles as you, it doesn't mean that they don't face issues like people. I have always believed I was kind to everyone I meet because I don't realize they fight a war. Unless at least I can support them, I can ensure that their present frustrations are not exacerbated by problems. Recently, I noticed a street boy asking for breakfast to be bought by people. I felt so touched because all he wanted was a meal unlike those borrowing money. In my sympathetic state, I took the boys hand and asked him if I could buy him breakfast. In excitement, he agreed, and we went into the next cafeteria and ordered a complete meal. With so much eagerness and joy, the boy ate, could not believe he had received assistance.
I make sure to be kind to people as often as possible. For example, in the past month, I have done at least three acts of kindness towards street children. The truth is, before any act of kindness, I always know and feel that I need to look out for anyone in need of an extension of benevolence. After an act of kindness, I feel a sense of relief knowing I have made a difference in someone's life. I feel that way because I value the lives of people and anything I can do to improve people's quality of life I do, I cannot be part of the people who do not help.
My actions significantly affect the ones around me as I could see people smile satisfactorily at my decision to buy the young boy breakfast. Others look at me questionably for assisting people on the streets because most people do not help because of the fear of being conned. I believe people at their moment of need work well although in future I prefer more permanent solutions. Setting up a children's home will ensure that the help the street children receive is permanent as opposed to the occasional handouts. I believe that kindness should be promoted by the media to encourage people to live with empathy for each other. I find this assignment useful in emphasizing the importance of kindness to one another because most people tend to be too self-absorbed to notice others are in need of help.

August 09, 2021



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