LA County Museum of Art

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I'll be visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). This is the first museum of its kind in the western United States of America. It houses 130,000 artifacts dating from the classical period to the modern-day, representing almost the entire history of art and the geographic world. I choose the museum because of its strength in displaying a wide range of artworks. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is a world-class art museum that houses masterpieces ranging from Latin American to Asian art. I have strong hopes and I have never been to an art gallery before. I have seen art before but not so real like in a museum, I expect to see different artworks from different artists coming from all over the world. I expect to feel the texture of the artwork. When I look at the artwork I expect to feel what the artist was trying to express. I also expect to have enjoyed my stay.
When I first set my eyes on this painting, its deep brown color captured my attention; the painting is of two young male wrestlers engaging in a tag of war. It is as if the two young males are fighting, either because of a disagreement or to entertain people. It seems as if the two are wrestling in what looks like a gym. Within the same gym, there are other young males who look just like the wrestlers. There is also one man who is dressed differently from the wrestlers, in my opinion, he looks like the gym instructor or the referee. The painting is rectangular in shape, and of very smooth texture. The images are well balanced with the main image of the two wrestlers being at the center of this masterpiece. I view this painting to be both conservative and modern. Space is quite unusual, the angles are well studied and the line is neither angled nor straight.
The name of the painting is Wrestlers, the artist is Thomas Eaking. Wrestlers was created in 1899. The wrestler is painted on canvas with paint and oil paint and lies on about 50 by 60 inches of canvas. The painting is displayed on the wall and is surrounded by small lighting features. It is near other artworks of Thomas Eaking. The artworks are placed close to one another because the designs talk of a relatively similar subject though in different ways. Thomas Eaking is a well-known realist photographer and painter who is revolutionary in sports like boxing, wrestling, gymnastics and many other.
In this painting the "Wrestler', Thomas Eaking is trying to communicate that to be an athlete in wrestling you need to be fit. This is shown in the background at the left where there is a figure of one of the athlete exercising on a rowing machine. On the right of this painting stands a coach and one of the athletes one of the coaches hands seems to be pointing at the two wrestlers on the ground, here Thomas Eaking tries to say that, for one to be a wrestler they need to learn. Both the body and mind have to work together. What I like about this artwork is the deep human body representation in the painting. The two nude figures on the painting depict the body of a human being in action is quite captivating.
My experience was wonderful, I got to appreciate the works of artists as viewing it in person allows one to experience much more than just looking at the art. You get to see the materials used you also get to see small details on the artwork in person. All my expectations were fulfilled. The exercise is one worth repeating again.

September 01, 2021

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