LA Fitness Versus Gold’s Gym

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As disclosed by "Gym, Leisure & Wellness Clubs In The US Industry Study | IBISWorld," the fitness and conditioning sector around the world is becoming increasingly popular due to the desire for individuals to remain healthy or boost their health and the need for regular exercise by health experts. The health and training business has made it easy to set up fully fitted fitness centers with well-trained practitioners who are charged with delivering the right exercise routine for the individual who attends the centers according to the needs of their bodies. LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym are among the leaders in the fitness business due to their many branches being spread all over the United States (U.S) and the wide range of fitness service that they offer to their customers. Both the LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym offer the best in fitness and training to their clients who visit their centers, however, they have different approaches to service they offer and the clientele they serve in providing training and fitness.
The products and services offered in these institutions are almost similar, with both boasting a comprehensive catalog of amenities. At the LA fitness, the client is able to have access to a wide range of equipment for their fitness and training that include; State-of-the-art cardio equipment, Personal trainers, Free weights and select machines, Locker rooms, and Group fitness classes. There are also additional amenities that the LA Fitness offers to its clients such as Cycling Studio, Free Parking, Heated Pools, Sauna, Steam Room, Indoor Spa, Full court indoor basketball, Racquetball courts and free parking. The Gold’s Gym also has an extensive range of services and products it offers to its clients. They include; the latest cardio equipment, fitness expert training, free weights, high-tech strength training equipment, locker rooms, indoor cycling, Pro shops, Lap pool, Boxing ring, innovative Group Exercise Schedule, Jacuzzi, corporate wellness, fitness tools, and Zumba. These services and products are geared towards ensuring that their clients are constantly kept in shape.
The LA fitness has the most branches in America with over a hundred fitness centers spread in various states after an aggressive expansion that resulted from the demands of their clients. LA fitness offers 24-hour services in some of its centers, thus, it has steadily increased the number of customers who check-in in the facilities to work out and train their bodies. The many branches that exist also enable LA fitness to be able to serve all their clients depending on their locations and flexibility. The Gold’s Gym is a global franchise that has been in the fitness and training business for quite some time (Andreasson and Johansson 97). The company has been able to present its customers with the best fitness and training services throughout the years due to its dedication to service and assurance of healthy bodies to its clientele. Despite most of its operation centers providing daytime access for its services, Gold’s Gym has been in the market and understands their clients’ needs better than any other training and fitness franchises.
At the LA fitness centers, every customer is served with the best fitness and training regimen of their choosing based on their body's demands and could seek the recommendations of the expert training staff that are knowledgeable and skilled in matters to do with fitness and training. LA fitness has its target clients who compromise of individuals who intend to reduce their weight, stay in shape, gain muscles, and enhance their physical well-being, among other intended needs. High intensive workout program clients do not frequent the LA fitness since it is better suited to the needs of the clients who are into subtle workouts and training of their bodies (Sparling 165). On the other hand, the Gold's Gym prides itself on high-intensity workouts and sweat breaking training of its clientele. Since the availability of experts in the Gold's Gym is abundant who are properly trained in working with customers on such intensive workouts to achieve the best of their bodies’ potential. Gold’s Gym has been known to collaborate with top athletes to assist them to meet the specifications of the sport they are involved in and has successfully achieved success in the process.
The LA fitness facilities offer their clients their services at affordable fees that are dependent on the fitness and training packages that they select, the duration of the training, the choice of trainer(s), and depending on the amenities, the facility has in the respective location. The LA fitness centers also offer its members with promotional products and services such as free month subscriptions after the first two months for the new clients, and discounts on the price of services and LA Fitness products to their loyal and frequent customers. Gold's Gym has a loyalty point and bonus system that rewards their clients of up to three months and above. These points are beneficial in providing discounts to services and products at the Gold’s Gym facilities and can be traded in for monthly subscriptions if they attain a certain set figure. At Gold’s gym, the clients are provided with free branded water bottles, t-shirts and face towels once they sign up and each time the subscription is renewed.
In conclusion, both LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym centers, provide their clients with the best possible training and fitness workouts that are geared towards achieving personal health and fitness, despite the different ways that they use to attain that goal. Both boast a far-reaching client base that is made up of individuals who seek to enhance their physical well-being to those that want to have high-intensity workouts. The fitness regimens of these facilities are personally tailored to meet the demands of each individual, whether young or old. As Alters and Schiff point out, fitness and training are essential to the body’s health, and these training and fitness centers are leading the way in ensuring it is practical and achievable (296).

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