Late 20th Century (Post modernism) Visual Arts

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From cave drawings to graffiti and other street art, art has changed over the centuries. 20th century visual arts are quite a prominent subject for art students. A common concept among postmodern artists is Appropriation of Images, a concept that describes capturing the image of an original object and adding an inscription to the image. Bradley (146) describes appropriation of art as an important role in the images that various artists present to the society today. Part of its significance include creating humour through the use of ironical images. Specifically, an artist can create a comic relief and entertain their observers through the appropriation of pictures (Bradley 166). An example of a model which has humour in it and is entertaining to its observers is the Salvador’s Lobster Telephone, which has unique structures that can serve as a source of comic relief among the observers.

Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali, 1936

. (Source:

The appropriation of images is an art that also aids in drawing the attention of an individual towards a particular image. In essence, the models that develop due to appropriation techniques have unique features that significantly attract viewers thus enhancing the ability of an organization to advertise their products (Bradley 162). Furthermore, the images that have developed due to appropriation techniques contain a myriad of features thus enhancing the communication process with the observers. An example of the apportionment images that aid in the course of advertisement is shown in the diagram below:

Jeff Koons; New Hoover, Convertibles, Green, Red, Brown, New Shelton Wet/Dry 10 Gallon Displaced Double Decker


Finally, the essence of appropriation of art among the postmodern artist is to communicate relevant information to the society members (Bradley 168). In reality, artists intend to pass specific messages that help in educating the community or warn against the indulgence some activities that are detrimental to the progress of the society. An example of appropriation image that significantly teaches the public is the ‘Pablo Picasso's Bottle of Vieux, Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper’ as in the figure below:

Pablo Picasso’s Bottle of Vieux, Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper


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