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The first unit is concerned with the philosophy of leadership and management. The unit specifically differentiated the differences between the bosses and the managers. The leader's task is to set the final position that the team is going, and the manager's goal is to ensure that the team is going in the same direction as the leader dictates. There are also unique roles and obligations to leaders and administrators. There are several forms of leadership. There are also several engagement styles in use at work. Of these, the Shannon-Weaver contact model is worth noting. In the case of providing feedback, a person also needs to be skilled and careful enough as providing the feedback in wrong way may lead to big trouble. There are also some strategies and concepts that deal with the effective and efficient feedback system in an organization. The role of delegation is also very important. Without proper delegation of authority, an organization may suffer from inefficient workforce and loss of productivity. Motivation is another core thing in the work place. Motivation is the name of an inner state of mind that makes someone inspired in exerting extra effort for pursuing any goal. In any organization, conflict is a regular matter. In dealing with any conflict, the manager of an organization needs to be knowledgeable in applying the conflict management skills. I also have learned many conflict management skills. The role and importance of performance improvement plan have also been learned.

For improving my present skills, I need to focus on building up my communication skills and also need to build up my interpersonal skills. For doing these, I may take professional training course which will likely to help me in my professional life. For developing the communications skills in English, I will have to learn smart English properly so that I could be able to deal with many diverse working environments.

July 24, 2021

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