Leadership Transitions in the Workforce

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Social issues frequently make it more difficult for women to get to senior positions. Various cultural norms portray women as weaker than men, which results in discrimination against women when it comes to the hiring of executives (Johns, 2013). Men and women are perceived differently in society based on their gender, and this perception has been utilized to undermine merit-based hiring procedures in businesses.

Women do not pursue the academic interests necessary to compete for senior management roles. However, the gender gap in higher education does not necessarily transfer to successful careers for female college and university graduates (Scott, 2014). They lack self-confidence thereby taking fewer risks when making career choices.

The governments have not been keen on keeping companies in check to ensure business barriers are eliminated. Most of U.S companies are not hiring women who are recent college graduates. Also, they lack support and mentoring programs that may help in training young women thereby hindering their ability to gain essential managerial skills (Brooks, 2014).

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Better childcare and mentoring may help in supporting women as they climb the corporate ladder. Child support and mentoring programs allow women to achieve their career goals by overcoming the challenges that child rearing comes along with (Scott, 2014). Adoption of labor regulations that make it mandatory for companies to have more than 40% of their directors as women across all the EU States.

The Equal Pay Act will ensure that both genders are paid equally for the same amount of work (Rosenberg-McKay, 2016). Eradicating unfair treatments motivate ladies thereby allowing them to take executive roles in firms. Moreover, the governments must be keen to eliminate discriminatory practices by implementing gender equality regulations in companies and other institutions (Johns, 2013).

Flexible work arrangements and work-life balance must be implemented by organizations to allow women break the structural and social barriers. Such moves will help in establishing gender dynamics hence allowing female employees to accomplish their career goals.


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May 17, 2023

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