Left Viewing Point v. Conservative Viewing Point

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The Republicans have taken the initiative to unveil their tax policies for the country. Because of criticisms received from Democrats, the program's possibilities did not sound so promising. Their disappointment with taxation proposals was also explained by main interest groups. The majority of House numbers against Democrats in Congress play a crucial part in the performance of their tax policies (John 1). In this situation, the Conservatives' support has had an impact on the execution of the taxation proposals. In the adoption of every bill in Congress, public opinion on the issue plays a deciding role. Lowering of tax rates for organizations is a key issue that led to minimal public opinion about the issue of discussion in the paper.

Political Liberal New Story Summary

The rise of Donald Trump into power and vast Republican numbers in both Senate and Congress changed the political tide in United States. Democrats invested new tactics in fighting dominant republican number and Donald Trump. The fight of administration by Democrats took place in a most effectual manner in which some significant changes were recognized within political tides in the country. The liberals explained that the president won the election because he borrowed liberal views during his campaign that led to success of the party (Andy 1). Liberals initiated a plan that focused on the creation of a forum that could oppose every idea that was brought forward by the Republicans. The issue of immigrants took center stage as the country focused on the creation of a society that is based various ethnic backgrounds.

Comparison and Contrast

The conservative article gives a detailed explanation of the initiative that the party is talking to ensure that it creates reforms in the country. The utilization of the numbers that the party has in Congress is a vital issue that is mentioned efficiently in taxation plans. The article explains the ability of the party to ensure that it creates legislation that is based on interest of the people. Objection to the issue is effectively measured as the paper tries to explain the necessity of democrat in the implementation of plans. The relevance of public opinion is discussed as Republicans look to create new proposals. Compared to liberal article, conservative post tries to engage and discuss the contribution of each side of the plan.

The liberal post discusses the strategies that the Democrats have in mind in effort of fighting the republican government. The liberals have taken the initiative of ensuring that they come up with a thoughtful way of providing that they understand the effective patterns in which they can utilize to create a reliable line of operation that could object to Republican policies. This plays an effective role in the understanding of the needs of people as the paper expresses the strategies in the most effective patterns. Ideally, it is a dominant issue as it involves the creation of a unified line of operation that resulted to the fighting of basic rights for the immigrants that were affected by the ban in the country. Compared to the conservative post the liberals are partisan in airing their views, as they do not include the republics and the negative critical point of review.

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October 12, 2022



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