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Keller addresses the legalisation of marijuana in the How to Legalize Cannabis and the mechanism to legalize marijuana in a region. The thesis in the article is that medication marijuana is a long-standing problem, and the legalization process is difficult to understand. The key point of the author in the article was that marijuana legalization was false. Government sanctions for possession should be removed and the State should lift sanctions on the use and cultivation of small quantities, because it thought that a big market could lead to many drug consumptions (Keller 2013). Other authors like Kleimen also note that a law not obeyed is a bad law. In the article, it is clear that Kleimen is open to the process of legalization, but he still believes marijuana is harmful. Furthermore, he did not make outlaws for people to consume marijuana. Even though legalization is a difficult process, some countries have uplifted the ban, and the nations need to consider the following factors to make marijuana legal. The extents pot sellers promote his products. The state needs to analyze the kind of labeling the pots require. The administration also needs to consider other products that might contain the pot, ranging from the sweets to other goods in the market. Therefore, it is important to create rules and regulations that will guide the sale of marijuana in a country. (Keller 2013).
The government should also consider the extent the business will grow by itself and if the company will need a license. The author notes that the responses to these questions will contribute to different kinds of markets. The journalist also claims that regulators should predict how customers and manufacturers would react to their instructions. However, they need to decide the kind of market for the products. Market regulators claim that it is important to observe the inadequacies of other marketplaces in lawful vices like gambling, alcohol, and tobacco that entered the market without a lot of planning. Furthermore, they have provided a lot of comfort and difficulties (Keller 2013). Therefore, it is the responsibility of the market regulators to ensure that they control the market to avoid the misuses by other sellers in the market like the tobacco sellers.
The author notes that the tax revenue obtained from marijuana is of benefits, but it is of a lot of concern. For instance, it is the same tactic used to win the public opinion, approve lotteries, but also causes many miseries in the public domain. Thus, the governments end up creating more addicts in the country. The other claims include other legal merchandises, which the society believes are vices and they range from tobacco, pornography, sugary drinks, and violent movies. The author records that most people think these goods are not good, but they still think they should go against the law. The limitations on such disapproved goods can differ extensively from state to state (Keller 2013).
Apart from this, the author also claims that the regulators handle longstanding unlawfulness of marijuana that contributes to a shortage research on the drug’s consequences. In fact, there is a little scientific consensus on the effects of marijuana on the brain because researchers like the federal government failed to provide proper explanations. The regulators want to see the pot to turn into a big business and the worst-case scenario would be the big business with a robust inspiration to get more individuals using the product(Keller 2013). Therefore, the regulators must be given a fragmented marketplace like the wine market, and this could be done by limiting the size of licensed purveyors. It could also be beneficial for people to open the small business at home.
One big challenge facing the legalization pioneers is how they will keep the marijuana market from being absorbed by a few large profiteers like the big tobacco industry. Kleiman’s proposal submitted at the Washington State proposes the following. They requested the endorsing laboratories to test for effectiveness and contamination. The team also proposed inventing rules on labeling so that people know what they are getting. Employing inspectors who will ensure that the rules are followed. Advertisement rules were to be created to ensure that they do not became promoting (Keller 2013). Therefore, all these rules must account for smoking and for pot pastries, pot-infused beverages, pot candies, pot ice cream, pot lozenges, as well as pot vapor inhalers.
In conclusion, legalization of marijuana should not be implemented because of the individual rights and public safety, and legalizing the pot will contribute the increase in crime within the society. The harmful effects of marijuana include severe anxiety, strange behavior, seeing, understanding, or sensing things that are not there, hallucinations, loss of sense among others. It also contributes to short time memory loss. There are usually increased chances of stroke, as well as poor coordination of the brain. The users are likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases than those who do not use the drug. The long-term effects of marijuana include the decline in the intelligence level. Some of the users will have reduced reasoning and ability to learn and complete difficult tasks. Finally, the users will always low life esteem which in turn affects the society negatively.

Keller, B. (2013). How to Legalize Pot. The New York Times Available at

August 09, 2021

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